Age Range: 14 years and up


CICADA ( is a digital experience that breaks open the lit/art worlds for teens and young adults who are making the leap into creative practice. The online CICADA gives members access to a diverse and inclusive online community, connections with professional creators, and current, challenging stories and poems that respect and reflect their experiences and their lives. CICADA is an exciting place for teens to find inspiration, speak their truths, and lay the foundations for a creative career.

What’s New?


(March/April 2018)

This issue, we’re celebrating monsters—all things fanged, clawed, twisted, ferocious, strange, and defiant.

Parents’ Choice Gold Award: 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012
Parents’ Choice Recommended: 2010


For Teens and Young Adults Passionate about the Written Word

If you know teens who love to write, you need to introduce them to CICADA—an immersive online experience like no other. Not only does CICADA publish some of the most original, authentic, startling, inspiring, weird, beautiful YA fiction around, but it has also evolved into a dynamic interactive community where teens can find support for their literary and artistic endeavors.
Full members of CICADA enjoy…

  • Authentic and challenging stories, poems, comics, and humor features weekly
  • A safe, inclusive, staff-monitored community where members can share their work and get peer feedback
  • Access to our extensive library of back issues
  • Inspiration and advice from professional creators through live Q&A sessions and interviews
  • Insight into professional editorial processes with behind-the-scenes blogs and direct access to our editorial staff
  • Fun extras like horoscopes, group polls, and contests
  • Browser-based, mobile-friendly digital content platform