Age Range: 9 — 14 years


COBBLESTONE, the American history magazine for kids ages 9 to 14 knows that history doesn’t have to be dull and dry. It can be vibrant and alive – and so much fun. That’s why every page of COBBLESTONE is a living, breathing guide to how Americans lived, worked, played, and died from the 1600s to today. Filled with fascinating true stories from all decades of our country’s history, augmented with dramatic photographs and beautiful illustrations, COBBLESTONE is designed to take kids on a journey through history while it excites their imaginations and brings the past to life!

What’s New?

On the Home Front:
The United States in World War II

(April 2018)

The support and sacrifices of America’s home front citizens had a dramatic impact on World War II’s outcome.

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Cobblestone Brings America’s Story to Life!

History is made every day, and COBBLESTONE, the American history magazine for kids, won’t let your young reader forget it. From the lives of our Founding Fathers and famous battles of the Civil War to California’s Gold Rush, COBBLESTONE brings the events that have shaped our country right to your mailbox. Written by experts in the field, including noted historians, museum curators, and famous children’s authors, and filled with dramatic photographs and beautiful illustrations, COBBLESTONE introduces young people to the people, places, and events that have shaped our country.
Each theme-based issue of COBBLESTONE goes in-depth into a significant event in American history, with issue topics as diverse as Alexander Hamilton and the Federalists, the Salem Witch Trials, Buffalo Bill and Wild West, the construction of America’s skyscrapers, and the Civil Rights movement. From Plymouth Rock to today’s presidential election, COBBLESTONE is the award-winning source for exploring the amazing history of the USA.


COBBLESTONE Magazine is delivered 9 times per year by mail and digitally and features:

  • Advertising-free articles vetted by a consulting editor who is an expert in the issue’s theme and written with a child’s interests, questions, and knowledge in mind.
  • True stories about everyday Americans from all walks of life who influenced our country’s history, including inventors, scientists, politicians, soldiers, and housewives.
  • Beautifully illustrated maps designed to increase comprehension and showcase little known areas of our country.
  • Monthly features such as Brain Ticklers, Say What?, Your Letters, and much, much more.