Age Range: 9 — 14 years


Let your little archaeologist explore world history with the only magazine for kids focusing on the buried, the ancient, and the undiscovered! From a lost city in ancient Iran to the Mayas of Mexico, from the Underground Railroad to the original Olympic Games, DIG is ancient history for kids brought right to your mailbox. Each issue of DIG focuses on one theme, allowing kids to get in-depth information on an archaeological discovery or topic from writers who are experts in the field. If you are looking for an archaeology magazine for kids from 9 to 14, DIG INTO HISTORY is the discovery you’ve been waiting for.

What’s New?

Ludwig von Beethoven:
Master Musician

(April 2018)

His passion for music and creating compositions resulted in melodies played and replayed around the world. Go behind the scenes in this issue to uncover the secrets of his world and what drove this passion?

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Discover the Secrets Buried Beneath Your Own Two Feet

Do you have a budding archaeologist in your life? Open his or her eyes to the world of ancient history with award-winning DIG INTO HISTORY, your child’s entry into all things archaeology. With engaging and vivid text aimed at 9 to 14 year olds, each issue is stuffed with articles on the latest archaeological finds and chock-full of spirited word games and hands-on projects that are proven to get kids interested in topics as diverse as Egypt’s Pharaohs, Europe’s Eleanor of Aquitaine, and Divination.
Designed to boost kids’ appreciation for the scientists who explore the ancient world and increase their excitement about world history and human development, DIG will have your kids yearning to get out and discover the secrets buried beneath their own two feet.


Dig Into History is delivered 9 times per year by mail and digitally and features:

  • Advertising-free articles about events in world history as well as the latest archaeological finds and techniques.
  • Headlines highlighting the breaking news, discoveries, and facts from archaeological digs located around the world.
  • A special theme-related section focusing on an archaeological discovery or topic, as well as The Adventures of Dr. Dig, the Calliope Chronicles, and much, much more!
  • Departments such as Fun with Words (stories about theme-related words and expressions), What’s Wrong Here? (anachronisms in art), Artifacts (an uncovered object with a fascinating tale), and Ask Away (reader questions answered by an archaeologist and an historian) as well as spirited word games and projects further involve readers in the issue’s theme.