MUSE® Magazine

Age Range: 9 — 14 years


MUSE magazine is the arts and science magazine for kids from 9 to 14 that’s spot on with the facts, but off-kilter with the jokes. Kids who want to know how to keep robots from taking over the world or whether animals can think will find the answers here, in articles written by award-winning authors and accompanied by high-quality illustration and photography. MUSE magazine makes a perfect gift for readers who are outgrowing ASK magazine or are interested in science, history, and the arts. Explore the world in a fun (and funny!) way with MUSE.

What’s New?

Fun by Design

(April 2018)

What do adventure playgrounds, roller coasters, Rubik’s cubes, and space robots have in common? Playful engineering!

Parents’ Choice Gold Award: 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2010
Parents’ Choice Silver Honor: 2008
A+ Award from 2011


MUSE Isn’t Serious. It’s Brainy Fun for Kids Who Need to Know

MUSE is for kids want to know everything, because it’s about everything: past, present, and future; history, science, and the arts; the known and the soon-to-be known. But MUSE isn’t a collection of facts; it’s a guidebook for intellectual exploration that send kids on adventures under the sea to meet giant squids, beyond the earth to explore strange new worlds, and deep into the past to experience the life of a Neanderthal. MUSE articles are kid-friendly, asking the questions that kids themselves would ask and answering those questions in language kids can understand.
But MUSE isn’t all serious. Our ongoing graphic novelization brings a dose of contemporary humor to each issue, and wonderful photographs and illustrations, cartoons, science experiments, contests, activities, and reader letters keep kids reading each issue over and over again. With its own unique brand of humor and in-depth exploration of topics that kids want to know, MUSE is the perfect science magazine for the inquisitive kid in your life.


MUSE Magazine is delivered 9 times per year by mail and digitally and features:

  • Advertising-free, insightful articles on topics from robots to mythology to rooftop beekeeping keep kids on their toes and ready to learn more.
  • Fan Mail and Letters to the Editor keep kids involved in the MUSE community and expose them to other kids who share their interests and passions.
  • Special features including articles written by readers, creativity-challenging contests, and much, much more!
  • A monthly on-going graphic novelization that keeps kids reading while intriguing articles help keep their brains in top condition.