Customer Support Specialists – NeuLingo (fluent in English and Mandarin)

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About the Position:

 NeuLingo is another innovative online platform powered by Cricket Media Services, Inc. and NeuPals, partner companies in the U.S.A. and China, which focuses on Mandarin learning for children ages 5 through 12 in North America. NeuLingo is seeking customer support specialists as excellent communicators who are able to run the program’s customer care.


Under the direction of the In2Books, Inc. (a division of Cricket Media Services, Inc.) and NeuPals Education Management Team, the NeuLingo Customer Support Specialists will provide high-quality, friendly, and professional customer care, provide administrative and technical support in response to customer inquiries, needs and concerns, ensure consistent student/teacher class schedules, and more.


Status:  Part-time, hourly, 10-20 hours per week

               Eligible for incentives based on work performance and customer feedback

Location:  U.S.A. Remote

Reports to:  International Business Analyst


Key Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Demonstrate a good command of the program’s content and features to provide information to customers.
  • Provide high-quality, friendly, and professional customer support in response to customer needs and concerns.
  • Promptly connect with customers in response to inquiries.
  • Maintain records of potential customers accurately. 
  • Use WeChat, email, and Facebook Messenger to communicate with customers. 
  • Provide weekly reports on issues/concerns received from customers. 
  • Assist customers with registering for a free trial class, and ensure customers receive the ClassIn information and guidance prior to the class. 
  • Assist with any last-minute changes (e.g., scheduling, curriculum, technical problems).
  • Coordinate and solve any issues related to communication (between student and teacher) and technology during the class.
  • Provide valuable recommendations for parents regarding Mandarin language learning, including but not limited to, curriculum selection and teacher recommendations.
  • Schedule classes and assist with maintaining a consistently scheduled teacher for the students.


  • 熟练掌握产品的内容和特点以便向客户提供有用的信息。
  • 提供高质量,友善且专业的客服,以回应客户的需求和问题。
  • 及时有效的与潜在客户保持联系,并跟进客户的需求。
  • 及时记录和更新潜在客户的信息。
  • 熟练运用微信和其他联系方式以便与客户沟通。
  • 每周提供客户反馈的问题报告。
  • 负责给客户预约试听课,并确认客户已收到上课信息。
  • 辅助解决任何课前临时调整(比如:上课时间更改,课件替换,平台登陆等技术问题)。
  • 协调和解决任何课堂上出现的问题,包括与老师和学生双方的沟通以及技术等问题。
  • 向家长提供有价值的建议,包括老师推荐,课程选择等。
  • 帮助学生约课并尽量保证学生的上课时间和老师不变。



  • 1-3 years customer support experience, preferably in the education industry.
  • Able to demonstrate a high level of interpersonal oral and written communication in English and Mandarin.
  • Ability to maintain energetic and friendly relationships with customers and quickly adjust to fast-paced working environment.
  • Familiar with WeChat, Facebook Messenger, and any required social media apps.
  • Related work experience (education, Mandarin teaching) preferred.
  • Work authorization in the United States (required I-9 verification).
  • Employment Background Screening.
  • Ability to work on weekends and holidays.
  • Ability to work a flexible schedule.


  • 拥有1-3年的客服经验,与教育相关的工作经验者优先。
  • 中英文流利,具备良好的沟通及语言表达能力。
  • 能够保持热情和友好的态度,有能力适应较快的工作节奏。
  • 熟悉微信等社交媒体软件。
  • 有教育、媒体、中文教学相关工作经验者优先。
  • 有合法工作身份,可合法报税。
  • 通过就业背景调查。
  • 可周末及公众节假日上班。
  • 能够提供灵活的工作时间。


To apply:  Send cover letter and resume.  No phone calls, please.


Must apply on at:


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Cricket Media® is a global education company creating high-quality print and online learning products for children, families, mentors, teachers, and partners that improve learning opportunities for everyone. Led by our 9 award-winning children’s magazines and our customizable research-tested collaborative learning platform, we are committed to creating and supporting innovative learning experiences that help children safely explore and engage with their expanding world.


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In2Books, a division of Cricket Media®, is a China-centric platform and services company with a focus on literacy, language learning, and international education.


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About NeuLingo:

NeuLingo is an online Mandarin-learning platform for children ages 5 to 16.  We provide a safe and secure Mandarin environment for kids interested in learning whenever, wherever.  Led by qualified teachers and supported by passionate staff, we aim to open doors for students across borders and around the world.


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