Happy New Year! (Seriously!)

No, we didn’t lose our minds. We’re talking about the spring festival of Nowruz, which is a celebration popular throughout many areas of the Middle East and Central Asia. Nowruz is not a religious holiday. Instead it is a joyous commemoration of the rebirth of earth and all life on it. Most celebrations take place […]

Meet Cobblestone Editor Meg Chorlian

Have you ever wondered about the people behind your favorite Cricket Media magazines? These talented editors and designers work hard to make sure each page of their publication delivers “the best of the best” for their audience each month. We decided to ask some of these busy folks a few questions to try to get a sense […]

O say, can you see, today is National Anthem Day

It’s National Anthem Day today so let’s all celebrate by listening to someone with a beautiful voice sing our notoriously difficult to sing national song. (I suggest Whitney Houston’s version which you can find on You Tube.) Don’t worry if you didn’t know National Anthem Day was a thing. It wasn’t highlighted on my calendar […]

Celebrating Women’s History Month: Eleanor Roosevelt

The pages of Cricket family magazines are filled with women and girls doing great things. Some stories showcase small acts of kindness that help those in their communities. Some articles portray great leaders who are developing new systems and new ideas with the potential to change the world.   Honoring Eleanor Roosevelt   In honor […]

Every 4 Years…

Once every four years, we elect a new president, watch the Olympics, and experience the bewildering phenomena of Leap Year.   We have a family friend whose daughter was born on Feb 29th, and my kids love teasing her about how she is really only two years old. However, every four years, this kid gets […]

Join Us on a Trip to Istanbul Through Time

A few years ago, I decided it would be a great learning experience—for me and for readers— to focus an issue on a specific city and trace its history from ancient times to the present.  DIG has now being doing just that, and it’s been great fun. Among the cities featured thus far are Rome, […]

Celebrating African American Inventors

For the past 6 weeks we’ve been discussing the Invent It Challenge in which we ask kids ages 5 to 21 to think about a real-world health problem and come up with a solution. Individuals or teams of students become inventors, follow the Smithsonian Spark Lab Steps of Invention, and submit their invention idea as a […]

Meet Grandfather Gandhi

By Elizabeth Huyuk   “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” Mahatma Gandhi Mahatma Gandhi was a great leader who worked to free India from British rule in the 1930s. Gandhi taught a new way of fighting— without violence. He and his followers simply refused to […]

Presidential Pardons

The third Monday in February is when we typically celebrate President’s Day. In my experience, this holiday has been reduced to the following:   An excuse for retail locations to have a sale, An opportunity for teachers to force kids to write an essay on George Washington or Abraham Lincoln, and Yet another Monday everyone […]

Chinese New Year: Time to Monkey Around

February is a busy time of year for my family. With a majority of the household involved in Kung Fu, and our Kung Fu school seemingly unable to turn down any request, we spend most of the month shuttling to and from Chinese New Year celebrations. The school (and thus my family) participates in lion […]