The 6th Annual Global Invent It Challenge

Go ahead and get your kids thinking about a real world environmental issue because the Invent It! Challenge is back and better than ever! This 6th annual challenge, a partnership between Cricket Media and the Smithsonian Institution’s Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation is launching on January 17, 2017 and kids from […]

Muse: A Science Magazine that Will Excite Your Tween Girl

Tween girls are a breed unto themselves. They are little girls one minute, still playing with dolls, and sophisticated young adults the next, talking about fashion and boys and the latest sensational YouTube videos. In the middle of these two extremes are the authentic young women that they will become.   Recently there was an […]

Talking to Teens Gabriela and Milan about Autism

By Carollyne Hutter   I have interviewed top scientists, the White House’s executive chef, and even a Disney star, but one of my most eye opening experiences was interviewing two teenagers with autism: Gabriela Alvarez and Milan Wolff. Conversing with Milan and Gabriela changed the way I view autism. You can read my interview of […]

Perusing the Perseid Meteor Shower With Your Kids

Every year about this time, we residents of the planet Earth get a visit from the Perseid Meteor Shower, a light up the sky event caused when the pieces of comet debris from a comet named Swift-Tuttle heat up and burn out (at a rate of 37 miles per second!) as they enter the Earth’s […]

Toddler Tech

When I was pregnant and took a tour of my daughter’s future daycare, I wasn’t surprised to see a computer lab called “Tech Town.” I assumed Tech Town was for the older kids, since the school went up to kindergarten, so I was surprised to find out that weekly trips to the computer lab began […]

Meet the Winners of the Invent It Challenge

If you’ve been reading this blog for the past few months, you’ve no doubt seen a lot of writing about the Global Invent It Challenge, our annual contest that invites kids and young adults from ages 5 to 21 to think about a real world problem and find a solution for it. This year, our […]

Remembering the “Queen of the Curve” Zaha Hadid

Some of the world’s most eye-catching buildings were designed by Zaha Hadid, an architect known for fluid shapes that allow her designs to appear to flow effortlessly into their building sites. Ms. Hadid has designed buildings and structures as diverse as the aquatics center used for the 2012 Olympics in London, the Bergisel Ski Jump […]

Invent It Challenge: Mission Accomplished!

Today marks the final day young inventors can submit their inventions to the 2016 Invent It Challenge. We are excited to see all the innovative ideas and concepts rolling in and the judges are ready to start evaluating each project’s merits based on how well the inventor followed the 7-step invention process outlined by Spark […]

When Einstein Developed His Theory of Space, It Was About Time

Happy birthday Albert Einstein. And also…Happy Pi Day! By some crazy, random happenstance, Einstein’s birthday is March 14, also known as Pi Day (get it? 3.14?)   We celebrate Pi Day at my office with a plethora of pies and bad math puns. But I hadn’t realized until this year that it was also the birthdate […]