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Employee eMentoring

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Every child deserves a mentor.

Cricket’s safe and secure eMentoring platform breaks the barriers of distance, place and time and connects children across the U.S. with carefully screened adult volunteers building supportive, sustained mentoring relationships while exploring Cricket’s engaging and edifying content. Motivated by the personalized, 1:1 relationship with their eMentor, students develop self-confidence and career ambitions while becoming better readers, writers, and thinkers as they read articles and exchange ideas with a caring adult in a safe, supported online environment.

Teachers love the Together programs because they can customize them to meet their students’ needs, help students discover the world beyond their classroom and reinforce curriculum with Cricket articles and stories.

Both CricketTogether™ and TryEngineering Together™ are exciting and innovative, turnkey eMentoring programs that offer companies and organizations a compelling way to help students in low income communities build the skills they need for a better future.  Corporate volunteers have a convenient, meaningful and rewarding opportunity to engage with students and share their wisdom and experience.

Serving as eMentors, employees of partner companies are paired one-on-one with students to read Cricket’s intriguing articles and exchange online letters about what they’ve read and how it relates to the world around them. This unique and supportive virtual mentoring encourages a deep connection, empowering students to ask thought-provoking questions, embrace critical thinking, and develop a life-long love of learning while discovering a world of possibilities and perspectives beyond the walls of their classroom. 

How It Works—for eMentors

e-Mentor onboarding, account creation, background check, video training, introductory letter
e-mentor and mentee matched
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CricketTogether program wrap-up, reflection and goodbye letter, feedback survey

Who are the mentees?

3rd–8th graders, mostly from schools that are underserved with more than 50% from economically-disadvantaged homes. Each eMentor is paired 1:1 with an individual student, sometimes for a semester, and sometimes for the full academic year.

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Build Literacy and Learning Skills!

Adult eMentors correspond with students around Cricket’s thought-provoking fictional stories and intriguing informational articles they read together.

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Build STEM Skills!

Adult eMentors correspond with students around Cricket’s STEM-based articles and related hands-on activities to support the next generation of STEM professionals.