Cricket® is a global education company creating high-quality print and digital learning products for children, families, mentors, teachers, and partners. Led by our 9 award-winning children’s magazines and our customizable, research-tested collaborative learning platforms, we are committed to creating and supporting innovative experiences that help learners safely explore and engage with their expanding world.

Children's Magazines

For 50 years, Cricket’s award-winning, ad-free magazines have challenged children’s minds and inspired a sense of wonder and curiosity about the world around them. We are committed to building children’s confidence, creativity, and curiosity through beautiful and engaging age-appropriate content.
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Cricket eLearning offers expertly-designed, personalized language learning opportunities for a multigenerational global audience. With a curated team of experienced instructors and proprietary educational materials, we help students of all ages reach their goals with confidence.
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CricketTogether™ and TryEngineering Together™ are innovative eMentoring programs that provide 1:1 literacy and STEM support to underserved students in grades 3–8. Through our safe and secure platform, eMentors and students exchange letters about their lives and a wide variety of curated academic and social topics. Volunteer eMentors participate 100% virtually, and this rewarding experience is open to corporations and organizations across the US.
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Online Community Events

Spanish Crash Course

Getting ready to travel or just looking to learn the basics quickly? Whether you’re an absolute beginner or just taken a decade off since your last

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Learning at Home: Once They’re Reading, Learning Follows

We’re sneaky good—when reading is fun, kids learn more easily and build confidence that lasts a lifetime. Cricket gives you stories and poems for all ages and developmental levels—they’re funny, silly, serious, dramatic, and reflective of genuine experiences, situations, and family dynamics. We also provide STEM-based articles and interviews at different levels, all focused on engaging young readers on their own terms.

And we’re not just for kids! We also offer events and learning opportunities for adults.

For Kids

For Adults

Educator Support
(Maybe Your Child’s!)

Cricket products give you many ways to provide resources and learning opportunities to teachers and young students. We have thousands of wonderful stories and articles kids can read, enjoy, and discuss with teachers or eMentors, in print or digital formats.

Valuable Services for Businesses

Employees are looking for innovative services that align with their interests and passions. The types of services offered matter to employees and can be an important differentiator leading to higher employee retention. Your authentic appreciation towards your employees by providing a meaningful services program goes beyond a traditional monetary reward. 

News & Blog


2022-2023 Annual Report

2022-2023 was an extraordinary year filled with remarkable achievements! We extend our heartfelt appreciation to our school leaders, and teachers who persevered through challenging learning obstacles.

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