ebook: Introducing eMentoring

Inspire Children-in-Need and Excite Your Employees

Learn how eMentoring overcomes time, cost, and distance barriers to enable mentoring that companies, employees, and children love. 

Mentoring has proven itself to be one of the most valuable and effective development opportunities available in any environment—academic, professional, and even personal. 
This eBook discusses: 
  • The benefits and limitations of face-to-face mentoring
  • How the confluence of mentoring and technology (eMentoring) overcomes many of these challenges to achieve a far greater reach.
Get to Know TryEngineering Together
Co-created by IEEE, the world’s largest technical professional organization advancing technology for humanity, and Cricket Media, Inc., this unique eMentorship platform gives companies a resource to mobilize their employees as volunteers to inspire and educate the next generation of engineers, scientists and technical professionals.