Let's Celebrate Engineers and
Engineering Together!

Not every child has equal exposure to engineering. Engineers Week is an annual call-to-action.

“to give every child, everywhere, an engineering experience.”

We are taking this week to celebrate not just engineering, but YOU, the STEM eMentors, who give their time year-round to inspire curiosity about engineering. We’ll be using our social media channels to feature eMentors, teachers, and students throughout the week to share the impact of 1:1 eMentoring.

Join the Daily Challenge!

Throughout the week we are challenging you to reflect on your own relationship to engineering and help us spread engineering & eMentoring awareness by participating in a series of daily social media challenges.

We can’t wait to see your posts! For recognition on our social wall and to be acknowledged by EWeek’s host, be sure to include hashtags:

#EweekTogether #Eweek2022

Daily Challenges

Day 1: 
I eMentor

Monday, February 21
Celebrate your impact & inspire others by choosing a well-earned eMentoring badge to share on your social media!

Day 2: 
Thank a Mentor

Tuesday, February 22
Was there a mentor who helped you along the way? Take a moment to give them a shout-out on your social!

Day 3: 
Celebrating Engineering

Wednesday, February 23
Help spread engineering awareness & appreciation by sharing one of your favorite feats of engineering.

Day 4: 
Share a Highlight

Thursday, February 24
Offer a window into your unique STEM eMentoring bond by sharing a favorite moment from your correspondence!

Day 5: 
To a Young Engineer...

Friday, February 25
What do you wish someone had told you about engineering when you were younger? Share a few lines of wisdom.

Day 6: 
Tag a Friend

Saturday, February 26
Challenge your friends to join us as eMentors for the next session of TryEngineering Together.


How do I participate?

Click on a challenge to learn about the theme and prompt for the day. Share your response on social!

Do I have to do every challenge to participate?

Nope! Just those you’re excited about.

How do I share my participation with TryEngineering Together?

Include #EweekTogether #Eweek2022 with every post!

Proudly Celebrating Engineers Week

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