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On this page, you’ll find resources to help you determine whether STEM eMentoring is right for you and your students as well as links to apply.

Eager to spark your students’ STEM curiosity?

What if you could offer each of your students their very own learning partner for a year? With TryEngineering Together, you can set your students on a unique and powerful STEM journey this year by:

  • connecting them with standards-aligned, current STEM articles,
  • engaging them in hands-on team STEM activities, and
  • getting each student their very own eMentor with whom to correspond about what they are learning!
Hear from teachers and students at Harding Elementary about their experience with TryEngineering Together

Is TryEngineering Together right for you and your students?

  • Excited about the blended learning opportunity of bringing digital standards-aligned STEM content, eMentors, and hands-on activities to my 3rd-8th graders
  • Available to participate for the 2020-2021 academic year
  • Willing to allocate about an hour weekly for program implementation
  • Have access to a classroom set of dependable digital devices at least one hour per week with high-speed connectivity
  • Have a supportive administrator