Winners of the Spark!Lab Dr. InBae Yoon Invent It Challenge Announced!

7th Annual Invent It Challenge Winners

Thanks to all the students for submitting their entries. Come check out our winners.


Invent It Winners Chosen!

6th Annual Invent It Challenge

Thank you to all the students around the world that submitted videos sharing amazing inventions to solve environmental problems!


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Meet our ePals Choice Award Winner!

3rd Annual Global Folklorist Challenge: With 218565 votes, we are thrilled to announce that Fidha and Mecha have been chosen as the ePals Choice Award Winner for their video about The Sounds of Anklets: A Valluvanadan Tapestry. View our winner and all of this year’s submissions on our global map of traditions.



View Winners of the 2016 Invent It Challenge

Find out who won the 2016 ePals Choice Award and view amazing submissions from around the world. View winning entries.


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