Security and Privacy

We implement a strict screening process for NeuLingo teachers. All teachers sign a confidentiality agreement as part of their contract with us. They may not share any private information about NeuLingo students without written parental consent. Only after obtaining written parental consent will we use any photos or videos on our website or social media channels.

For parents in North America, your child’s privacy is protected by the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). We obtain your authorization when you schedule your first class with NeuLingo, but you reserve the right to revoke your authorization and ask us to delete your child’s information at any time. Class videos are kept for a period of time in your account so you can review the classes with your child, also so we can evaluate teacher performance, ensuring our educators are held to the highest standards. If you ever wish to delete your account, the videos will be deleted simultaneously.

We ensure all your personal information is protected. We will not reveal customer information to any third party unless required by law. For more details, please refer to our Privacy Policy.


Below you’ll find tips and steps to get you started with scheduling your first online private lesson!


  • If you find a teacher your child likes, be sure to schedule upcoming lessons in advance!
  • Fill out your child’s student profile.
  • If you need to cancel a scheduled session, be sure to do so at least 24 hours from your student account. Your lesson will count as “used” if you cancel less than 24 hours before the start time of your class.

Quick start:

  1. Select your desired package.
  2. Select your child’s teacher and book an online private lesson:
  1. Find the day you’d like to book. You can book between 24 hours and 30 days ahead of the current time (pending teacher’s availability) and date and your lesson duration can be between 25 minutes and 4 hours. 
  2. You’ll see your newly scheduled lesson(s) under the tab My Lessons. You’ll also receive a reminder email 2 days before the lesson date. 
  3. Fill out your child’s student profile so your teacher can get to know them better! 
  4. Start classes!
    • In addition to private lessons, you’ll have access to resources like flashcards, activity sheets, and stroke- and character-writing worksheets that your child can use!
    • Start your lesson! You can access the teacher’s Zoom virtual classroom in the tab My Lessons. Clicking on Start Lesson link will open your classroom link. 

Your Virtual Classroom 

You can access your child’s virtual classroom by logging in to your account through fluentcity.com and accessing MY LESSONS in the side bar. Simply click on START LESSON to enter your Zoom classroom!

What is Zoom?

To support personalized and interactive lessons we use the Zoom video communications tool. This platform allows for engaging and collaborative instructional tools for students and teachers to practice their learning in real time. The Zoom platform is easily accessed on a variety of technologies including PC, Mac, Linux and mobile devices (iOS, iPadOS, Android) so learning can happen wherever you are! Zoom allows for access to learning through private meetings, group meetings and break out rooms for the same variety of learning group structure that you were able to experience in the traditional classroom. The interactive opportunities offered through the chat, polls, annotation and screen-sharing features allow for teachers and students to be as creative as possible while also promoting the flexibility and ease that users seek in an online learning environment.

Steps to start using Zoom

  1. Check that your chosen device meets system requirement:
  2. Download Zoom: You have three options on how to use Zoom:
    • PC/Mac (recommended): download Zoom Desktop Client. Click link to start automatic download: https://zoom.us/support/download
    • Mobile: download app
      • Zoom Cloud Meetings app  (available on iOS App Store)
      • Zoom Cloud Meetings app (available on Google Play)
    • Zoom web client: Zoom Web Client (prerequisite for browser exists) doesn’t require you to download anything, however limitations in features apply
  3. Sign up for a free Zoom account here: zoom.us/signup
  4. Once downloaded: Your teacher will have a unique link to their virtual classroom, which you’ll receive a few days before your class start date. Please read through the guide below before your first class on how to sign in and join the meeting.

Additional resources

Zoom Support: Zoom Video Communications Technical Support



Group class: You have until seven days prior to the start date of your class to make any cancellations. After that, refunds cannot be offered under any circumstance (unless the cancellation is made by Fluent City).

Private lessons: Refunds can only be requested before the first lesson has been scheduled. Once a student has been introduced to their instructor and their first lesson is confirmed, a refund can no longer be processed.

Transfers (level transfers):
If your child is in an incorrect level placement for a class, we’ll make sure to get them into the right one! Email us at neulingosuport@cricketmedia.com before the second class of your child’s course and we’ll transfer them to the appropriate level.

Active promo codes can be applied at checkout for a discount.

Please note, promo codes can’t be combined and may have expiration dates. Promo codes cannot be used retroactively. Keep an eye on the fine print of your promotion for expiration dates.

Cricket has the right to cancel orders if promo codes have been combined, or if a promo code has expired.

Ready to chat about our language lessons? Already signed your kid up and have a question for us? Our Student Success team can help you out! Email us at neulingosupport@cricketmedia.com or book a slot for a phone call.


You can choose your child’s teacher during the booking process! You’ll see each teacher’s past student testimonial, bio, availability, and a photo:

We recognize that children come in with different interests, strengths, and language abilities, and are eager to differentiate our instruction to meet your child’s language-learning goals. To help us tailor instruction to your child’s specific need we encourage you to describe your child’s interests, language background and motivation for learning under the My Account tab in your student portal. Your child’s teacher will have access to this information once you book a lesson with them!  

Additionally, we are intentional about using the first class to build relationships, preview the curriculum, and assess your student’s linguistic abilities in order to provide them with the most engaging language-learning experience. Our curriculum supports novice language learners (students with little or no experience in the language) as well as heritage language learners (students who are adding to their linguistic repertoire).  

Regardless of your student’s language background, our teachers have the necessary training, resources and expertise to guide your students in maximizing their language-learning experience and increasing their linguistic proficiency. 

Yes! Through our platform you’ll be able to see the instructor’s email address, and after class please feel free to speak with the teacher about the schedule or your child’s progress; just be mindful that they may have another class coming up, and will need a few minutes to write your child’s feedback.


Each lesson is 25 minutes of active teaching, plus five minutes allowing the instructor to speak with the parent if desired and to write student feedback.

You’ll be able to schedule your child’s online private lessons anytime, as long as it’s 24 hours ahead of the current time and within 30 days of the current date (pending teacher’s displayed availability—if you don’t see a slot, get in touch with neulingosupport@cricketmedia.com and we’d be happy to assist!).

NeuLingo lessons allow students the ability to interact with the teacher, the language, and technology to provide an interactive and interpersonal experience that maximizes language-learning! NeuLingo lessons engage in language and cultural exploration allowing students to practice their multilingual abilities as global citizens from the comfort of their own home. The lessons engage in interactive instruction between teacher and student reviewing past language-learning and introducing new language and cultural concepts. Each lesson ends with a connection between families and teachers to highlight the student’s learning that day and answer questions if necessary. NeuLingo’s proprietary curriculum has differentiated the language learning experience for students of different language backgrounds, ages and learning styles. Each class will provide a safe and engaging opportunity for your student to engage with the Mandarin language and Chinese culture.

If your available hours are all booked up, you’ll see an option to “add more hours” in the upper lefthand corner of your child’s account.

If you want to add more hours before your sessions are all booked, please visit cricketmedia.com/neulingo/class-selection.

No problem—you can do that via the platform, and as long as it is at least 24 hours in advance, it’s free!

There are no restrictions on the number of classes students take, but we recommend taking at least two per week. As language experts have been known to say, “use it or lose it”—it’s important to practice on a regular basis!


NeuLingo uses live instruction to provide students with one-on-one and small group experiences to achieve their language-learning goals. The use of live instructors allows for constant differentiation of the curriculum so teachers can tailor instruction to meet the needs of the student(s) in real time. Additionally, Interpersonal communication is one of the more challenging skills to practice because it requires students to take risks and practice resiliency, so our teachers are experts at creating positive environments where students feel comfortable in taking risks and practice their speaking and listening. Finally, NeuLingo has two excellent curriculums that allow for learners of all proficiencies to access language and content. Happy NeuLingo is a curriculum that engages young learners in exploring and engaging with the language. Scholar NeuLingo is a curriculum designed to align with major language-learning standards (ACTFL, YCT, HSK). Both curriculums highlight the language proficiency spectrum to support students in increasing their understanding of and confidence in language-learning at a global scale.

NeuLingo provides optional supplemental materials to reinforce learning.

If you purchase a bundle of 10 or more classes, your child will have access to flashcards, activity sheets, and stroke- and character-writing worksheets!

We work hard to make your child’s curriculum as personalized as possible – whether it’s skipping lessons or repeating them, adding content or choosing not to focus on certain aspects. You can definitely let us and our teachers know how best to help your child learn!

For each class, you’ll be able to view the SESSION DETAILS to read a description written by your child’s teacher, speaking directly to their strengths, understanding, and ways to support their language-learning at home.  

Each session concludes with an opportunity for the student, family, and teacher to connect and discuss highlights from the class. We use Can Do statements to support students in understanding the language proficiency spectrum and work to guide students and families in tracking student progress. Parents will be able to preview upcoming lesson content to understand how their child’s current lesson fits into the larger framework. 

That can be arranged! Please reach out to us at neulingosupport@cricketmedia.com with specific details about your group’s needs.