Our Programs



In accordance with an in-depth study of novice and heritage learners’ learning characteristics and teaching needs, our joint U.S.-China education team has developed three different levels of Mandarin courses.

Teaching System

Our system aligns with Mandarin language curriculum standards for primary schools in China. It corresponds to the benchmarks laid out by the HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) Chinese Proficiency Test and the YCT (Youth Chinese Test).

Teaching Methodology

1. 1:1 Instruction on Functional Learning Objectives
2. Immersion Teaching with Cultural Relevance
3. Authentic Materials, Visual Displays and Integrated Games

Introducing Group Classes

A fun new way to learn!

Happy NeuLingo

Engaging Design for Children with Little to No Mandarin Language Exposure

A program for beginners, Happy NeuLingo is designed by a team of American and Chinese pedagogical experts who have devoted themselves to language-learning. Happy NeuLingo serves children aged 5–12 with no background in Mandarin. NeuLingo meets the learning styles and interests of this age group by applying the pictographic literacy method in teaching the building blocks of language: understanding word composition, communicating smoothly in daily conversations, recognizing frequently-used Chinese characters, and writing short paragraphs. In this way, Happy NeuLingo helps students gain the confidence to speak Mandarin and to achieve the learning objectives of daily communication, clear and accurate expression, and even writing short essays.

Scholar NeuLingo

Customized Design for Heritage Learners (Chinese Children Living Abroad)

This program is for students who, despite exposure to Mandarin Chinese, may need additional instruction in recognizing written words or in expressing themselves clearly, whether verbally or on paper. Scholar NeuLingo refers to the standards of the Chinese Primary School Language Teaching Association and meets the requirements of both the HSK and YCT standardized tests. It also teaches in accordance with U.S. academic standards. Scholar NeuLingo is suitable for overseas Chinese children aged 5–16; it will help them learn to speak Chinese more clearly and to develop their academic reading and writing.