1. Scheduling & Cancelation

Yes, but only by emailing neulingo-support@cricketmedia.com. Though we work hard to accommodate students’ schedules, we cannot guarantee a class during your preferred time slot, and recommend advance bookings of at least three days. 

You will receive an email entitled NeuLingo New Student Information within 24 hours of purchasing your class package. Once you do, you will be able to schedule your class a) via email or b) through your student portal.

On the portal, you’ll see Book My Class. Here you will find Manage My Class Schedule, which will allow you to either schedule fixed times per week or update your schedule as you go. Click Edit to select your preferred time slots, then click Submit in the upper righthand corner to confirm your selections.

The Book My Class function won’t be available until you receive the NeuLingo New Student Information email.

Yes! Please go to Manage My Class Schedule under the Book My Class section. Click Edit in the upper righthand corner, then select Yes where it asks if you would like to maintain a fixed weekly schedule. Select the days and times you would like and click Submit in the upper righthand corner to confirm your selection.

Yes, you can! Building a bond between teachers and students definitely yields better learning results. Email us at neulingo-support@cricketmedia.com to tell us your child’s name and the name of your preferred teacher, and we’ll try our best to ensure they’re consistently paired.

You can cancel a class free of charge up to 24 hours in advance of the scheduled session. Please do so by emailing neulingo-support@cricketmedia.com or texting 703-885-3444.

If the cancelation is within 24 hours of the scheduled time, the class will be still deducted from your account. Please understand we must compensate our teachers for their time and preparation.

2. Class Reminders

NeuLingo will send you reminders to check your schedule and prepare for your classes at certain times. You will get reminders from NeuLingo:

NeuLingo will email you every Friday to remind you to check your schedule for the following week under the My Class Information -> My Learning Progress section of your student portal. Please email us at neulingo-support@cricketmedia.com or text us at 703-885-3444 if you notice a discrepancy.

NeuLingo will send you an email 8 hours before your scheduled class to remind you to be ready. If you can’t attend the class, we’ll have to deduct it from your account to compensate our teachers for their time.

NeuLingo will send you an email reminder 1 hour before your scheduled class. If you can’t attend, we’ll have to deduct it from your account to compensate our teachers for their time.

3. Courses

We have 2 types of curriculum available, plus a theme-based curriculum. We also offer a Pinyin course for learners of all levels. Before committing to a course, you can book a set of three trial classes for a special price, just to make sure the content and level are right for you.

  1. Happy NeuLingo (25 mins/1:1 online class) – Engaging content for children with little to no Mandarin-language exposure in their daily life.

    A program for beginners, Happy NeuLingo is designed by a team of American and Chinese pedagogical experts devoted to language-learning. Happy NeuLingo is meant for children aged 5–12 with no Mandarin background. As is suitable for the learning styles and interests of this age group, Happy NeuLingo applies the pictographic literacy method in teaching students the building blocks of language: understanding word composition, communicating smoothly in daily conversations, recognizing frequently used Chinese characters, and even writing short paragraphs. In this way, Happy NeuLingo helps students gain the confidence not just to speak Mandarin, but to express themselves with it.

  2. Scholar NeuLingo (25 mins/1:1 online class) – Customized Design for Heritage Learners (Chinese Children Living Abroad)

    This program is for students who, despite common exposure to Mandarin Chinese, may need additional instruction in recognizing written words and/or expressing themselves clearly, whether verbally or on paper. Scholar NeuLingo refers to the standards of the Chinese Primary School Language Teaching Association and teaches in accordance with U.S. academic standards. It even meets the requirements of both the HSK and YCT standardized tests. Scholar NeuLingo is suitable for overseas Chinese children aged 5–16 helping them better produce language and develop their academic reading and writing.

  3. Fly NeuLingo (25 mins/1:1 online class) – Theme-Based Design for Cultural Understanding

    This program is for children interested in a more in-depth exploration of Chinese culture in tandem with Chinese language-learning. Fly NeuLingo is a theme-based curriculum focused on connecting content with areas of cultural interest to pique students’ curiosity. In cultivating their enthusiasm for authentic Chinese culture, Fly NeuLingo teaches students to: understand food culture, connect with Chinese history, appreciate Chinese traditions and holidays, and break down the meaning of ever-important Chinese idioms.

  4. Pinyin (25 mins/1:1 online class)

    Our 28-class Pinyin course centers around the system for transcribing Mandarin Chinese. The lessons focus on proper pronunciation of the initial and final sounds in Chinese, as well as the tones. Students are taught all the sounds in Pinyin through 20 engaging and whimsical lessons. Classes are designed for ages 5–12. Our 1:1 individualized learning setting ensures that students will be comfortable with the class format, understand simple classroom commands, and have a sense of what Pinyin and tones are all about.

    This course affords students the chance to fine-tune their pronunciation and leave with a better ability to read Pinyin and differentiate between similar-sounding words. 200+ conventional syllable standards in Pinyin are taught, including all 23 initials and 24 finals, covering over 85 percent of Chinese pronunciation.

  5. Trial Classes (25 mins/1:1 online class)

    Not sure if this is the right course for you? No problem! We offer a bundle of three trial classes! 

    If you don’t know what you want, our customer support team is ready to work with you to help decide which trial might be best. Email us at neulingo-support@cricketmedia.com.  

Please log in to your student portal and click “Choose My Class Package”. You will be directed to our payment selection page where you can select your preferred class package and make a payment via credit card.

There are no restrictions on the number of classes students take, but we recommend taking 2 per week. As foreign languages are famously “use it or lose it”, it’s important to practice on a regular basis.

4. Technical Issues – What to do if…

After using your email address to successfully register with NeuLingo, you will receive login credentials. Then, on your NeuLingo student homepage, you’ll be able to select “Choose My Class Package” and make the payment for your desired course. An automatic email will be sent to confirm your purchase. Our customer support team will verify your order and validate your number of purchased classes under the “My Class Information” section of your homepage. This update will be visible within 24 hours of your purchase. Should you have any difficulties, please contact us at neulingo-support@cricketmedia.com. We’re here to help.

Please note that the scheduling function is not available until you purchase your class package.
Please go to “Manage My Class” under the “Book My Class” section. Click “Edit” in the upper righthand corner and click “Yes” to enable a consistent weekly schedule function. Select your desired dates and times for the next week and click “Submit” to confirm your selection.
Should you have any difficulties, please contact us at neulingo-support@cricketmedia.com. We’re here to help.

ClassIn is our trusted virtual classroom partner. You can go to “Prepare My First Class” on your student’s NeuLingo homepage to download ClassIn and test if it’s running properly prior to your scheduled class.

Please note the “Enter the Classroom” button won’t appear until 10 minutes before the class is scheduled to begin. Please go to “My Class Information” on your NeuLingo homepage and select “My Class Information” at the top. If you arrive early, wait and refresh the website. Ten minutes before your class starts, an orange “Enter the Classroom” button will appear. Click to enter. If you have any issues entering the classroom, please contact us at neulingo-support@cricketmedia.com. We’re here to help.

We work hard to prevent in-class glitches, but tech issues may still happen. Please notify us at neulingo-support@cricketmedia.com immediately if you encounter any technical errors in the classroom. Our tech team will try to fix issues right away. If the issue can’t be fixed, we’ll reschedule a replacement class for the student at a time that is convenient for them.

Yes, you can! After you register with NeuLingo and purchase your class package, our support team will send you your ClassIn login credentials. You can simply download ClassIn on your iPad/tablet and enter the classroom 5–10 minutes before your scheduled class.

5. Payment and Pricing

Please check our class package selection page after signing up.

To process your payment online, we accept all major credit and debit cards.

You can cancel a class free of charge up to 24 hours in advance of the scheduled time. Please contact us at neulingo-support@cricketmedia.com with the subject line indicating “Class Cancelation” and the name of the student. In the body of the email, specify the class time.

If the cancelation is within 24 hours of the scheduled class, it will be removed from your account. Please understand we need to compensate our teachers for their time and preparation.

We’re confident that should you for any reason feel dissatisfied with your current instructor(s), we can match you with another that you’ll love. If you’re still a little unsure, we can even delay your purchased classes’ expiration date. 

Send us an email to neulingo-support@cricketmedia.com, and we’ll try our best to help you.

6. Security and Privacy

We implement a strict screening process for NeuLingo teachers. All teachers sign a confidentiality agreement as part of their contract with us. They may not share any private information about NeuLingo students without written parental consent. Only after obtaining written parental consent will we use any photos or videos on our website or social media channels.

For parents in North America, your child’s privacy is protected by the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). We obtain your authorization when you schedule your first class with NeuLingo, but you reserve the right to revoke your authorization and ask us to delete your child’s information at any time. Class videos are kept for a period of time in your account so you can review the classes with your child, also so we can evaluate teacher performance, ensuring our educators are held to the highest standards. If you ever wish to delete your account, the videos will be deleted simultaneously.

We ensure all your personal information is protected. We will not reveal customer information to any third party unless required by law. For more details, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

7. Account-Related

We only require users to provide their email address when registering. After you input your email address, click the “get code” button, then input the code sent to you via email. Another email will be sent automatically to inform you of your login credentials and enable you to access the NeuLingo platform. Should you encounter any issues, please contact us at neulingo-support@cricketmedia.com. We’re here to help.

After registering with NeuLingo successfully, you will be directed to your NeuLingo student homepage. Please click the profile icon to select “My Profile” from the dropdown box. You will be able to fill out your profile information here. Should you encounter any issues, please contact us at neulingo-support@cricketmedia.com. We’re here to help.

Go to the NeuLingo login page. Click “Forget Password?” to be directed to the “Reset Password” page where you can use your registered email address to reset your password. Should you encounter any issues, please contact us at neulingo-support@cricketmedia.com. We’re here to help.