Happy NeuLingo

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Engaging Design for Children with Little to No Mandarin Language Exposure

What is Happy NeuLingo?

A program for beginners, Happy NeuLingo is designed by a team of American and Chinese pedagogical experts who have devoted themselves to language-learning. Happy NeuLingo serves children aged 5–12 with no background in Mandarin. NeuLingo meets the learning styles and interests of this age group by applying the pictographic literacy method in teaching the building blocks of language: understanding word composition, communicating smoothly in daily conversations, recognizing frequently-used Chinese characters, and writing short paragraphs.

In this way, Happy NeuLingo helps students gain the confidence to speak Mandarin and to achieve the learning objectives of daily communication, clear and accurate expression, and even writing short essays.

Happy NeuLingo Level Format

Happy NeuLingo curriculum framework is structured and designed to align with the internationally recognized HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) and YCT (Youth Chinese Test). Our primary aim is to foster a genuine passion for learning Chinese while guiding students on a progressive journey from a novice to an intermediate level of proficiency. With a total of seven levels carefully tailored to cater to learners at different stages of language development, our curriculum ensures comprehensive language acquisition and cultural understanding. Each level builds upon the previous one, introducing new vocabulary, grammar structures, and cultural insights while reinforcing previously learned concepts. This sequential approach ensures that students develop a solid understanding of the language, gradually expanding their proficiency and linguistic competence. Each level within the Happy NeuLingo framework consists of 52 lessons, complemented by an additional four culture lessons. These culture lessons provide students with a deeper insight into the rich tapestry of Chinese culture, further enriching their learning experience. By dedicating ample time to cultural exploration alongside language instruction, we build a sturdy foundation for our enthusiastic Chinese language learners and nurture a deep appreciation for the diverse facets of Chinese heritage. 

Novice Low


Starter Level – Level 2



I can identify and master the high frequency vocabulary and phrases, develop Chinese learning skills.

Novice Mid


Level 3 – Level 4



I can understand and use common vocabulary and simple sentences, conduct simple questions, and answer on familiar topics.

Novice High


Level 5



I can communicate on common topics with single or multiple sentences.

Intermediate Low


Level 6



I can handle communicative tasks about self-information and daily life.

Embark on an exciting and immersive journey of Chinese language learning with our Starter level lessons through Level 2! This comprehensive curriculum delves into a wide array of captivating topics, ranging from essential greetings, names, numbers, and age to engaging discussions about nationality, family, fruits, animals, drinks, food, colors, senses, places, and beyond. By the end of this learning stage, students will possess the confidence and proficiency to introduce their basic information fluently and accurately in Chinese!
Family Members
Body Parts
Embark on the next chapters of your Chinese language learning journey with levels 3 and 4! Designed to further expand your linguistic horizons, these levels delve deeper into the intricacies of students’ daily lives. Our curriculum explores an array of engaging topics, including daily routines, weather, study skills, school supplies, family members, personal preferences, descriptions of appearance, and much more. By immersing themselves in these dynamic themes, students will acquire the ability to eloquently describe their routines and thoughtfully express their ideas and opinions in Chinese!
Daily Schedule
School Supplies
Descriptions of Appearance
In levels 5 and 6, our curriculum adopts a communicative approach, placing a strong emphasis on real-life situations and interactive tasks. Students will actively engage in authentic scenarios, allowing them to develop the language skills necessary to navigate a variety of practical situations with confidence and fluency. Through theme-based activities, such as simulated shopping experiences, phone conversations, and discussions about personal interests and emotions, students will sharpen their language proficiency and enhance their ability to communicate effectively in various contexts.
Favorite Season
Happy NeuLingo also includes cultural courses, covering traditional Chinese festivals, historic cities and specialties, where students can enjoy immersive learning and enhance cultural literacy.
Spring Festival

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