What Is NeuABC?

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Neusoft and Cricket Media have formed a partnership based upon both Chinese and American principles. From the Chinese side, we emphasize the simple, respectful, cooperative, and honest business practices. We add to this match the American ideas of critical thinking, cultivating problem-solving skills, advocating communication and mastering digital skills. The end result is high quality children’s educational content that will help students master the English language.

In 2017, Cricket Media integrated its rich North American educational resources to bring high-quality North American foreign teachers and pure immersion English learning to Chinese youth through the NeuABC platform. We are building an international collaborative learning experience beyond geographical sectors.

For more information, check out our YouTube video: youtube.com/watch?v=tY1E86ZB_tc

We Offer

Highly qualified North American teachers
Our teachers are certified teachers or have ESL teaching experience, all with an extensive educational resume who are screened to meet our quality standards.

1-to-1 Superior Services
Through online video classrooms, students have one-on-one live lessons and study with NeuABC teachers, which provides targeted and personal language learning services for Chinese children and parents.

Convenient classes anytime, anywhere
Notebook, desktop, multi-terminal learning platform coverage. Freely choose time and place, take classes at convenient times, avoiding the challenges with offline services agencies, and including efficient learning times.

Competitive Wages

We only hire high quality teachers who pass a rigorous screening process. As a result, we are able to provide a pay scale at the top of the competitive landscape.

No Cancellation Penalties

We know that life happens, and when it does, instead of penalizing you, we have built a support and communication model to best meet both our student and teachers needs.

Full Support

As a tutor, you will be trained on our curriculum, product and delivery methods proven to support language learning best practices.  In addition to our support staff, we have multiple teacher communities where there is always someone willing to help out.

Cricket Branding

Integrated in our curriculum is the 45+ years of award winning children’s content from Cricket Media’s library and supported by our educational experts.