Teal open book

What We Offer

  • Bachelor’s Degree preferred, candidates with an Associate’s Degree will be considered. Those who have a background in teaching online/ESL are the most suitable candidates.
  • Most suitable candidates have an accredited teaching certification or ESL certification (e.g. TESOL, TESL, TEFL, etc.).
  • Must speak English at an idiomatic level and be a resident of the United States or Canada.
  • Strong skills to teach online with the necessary computer equipment.
  • Minimum of four (4) hours a week during our peak times for teaching. You can modify your schedule as you wish.
  1. Flexible schedule where you provide your available times within our teaching windows
  2. The ability to work from you own home in comfort
  3. Excellent pay – $9.00/session with no penalties (each session is 30 minutes long)
  4. The forum to teach and improve the language skills for young learner
  1. We provide training to ensure you have all the tools and information to be successful in our program
  2. Curriculum has been developed with the teacher and student in mind, including high quality content from Macmillan and Cricket Media
  3. 24/7 Support staff always ready to answer your questions
  4. Extensive teacher community who share the experience with you and support each other