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HOW TO HELP: Volunteer eMentors

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Make a true difference in a child’s life.
Impactful, rewarding, convenient.

"Over the course of the school year, students develop trusting relationships with adult mentors. I am thoroughly impressed with the entire program."
CricketTogether teacher champion Lobna Hewedi


Engage employees and help a child
both academically and social-emotionally.

Convenient for Volunteer eMentors

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Limited time requirement

~20–30 minutes per week is all it takes.

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No travel

Participate online from anywhere.

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No scheduling or coordination

eMentors can correspond at any time of the day or night.

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No worries

Comprehensive training and ongoing support while email & online reminders make it easy to manage tasks.

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Safe & secure

Identities are protected and all correspondences are reviewed/approved by the mentees’ teachers.


Volunteer mentors get excited as they get to engage and support their mentee in a meaningful way.

"Being an eMentor has been the most rewarding thing I’ve done. Cricket eMentoring makes it easy and FUN."
CricketTogether eMentor

How It Works—for eMentors

e-Mentor onboarding, account creation, background check, video training, introductory letter
e-mentor and mentee matched
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CricketTogether program wrap-up, reflection and goodbye letter, feedback survey

Who are the mentees?

3rd–8th graders, mostly from schools that are underserved with more than 50% from economically-disadvantaged homes. Each eMentor is paired 1:1 with an individual student, sometimes for a semester, and sometimes for the full academic year.

What Cricket eMentors Say

Ease of Use

Being an eMentor has been the most rewarding thing I’ve done. Cricket eMentoring makes it easy and FUN.

Personal Growth and Enjoyment

“I love this experience. It is a breath of fresh air and helps me step out of my role at home and work and look at things differently. It gives me joy to know that I am mentoring a child that can become the next scientist or innovator.”

Impactful Volunteer Opportunity

Having the opportunity to watch/participate in a student’s growth over the course of a year was extraordinary. There are not many other avenues which would have afforded me the opportunity to build a sustained relationship with a student, let alone one that that jumped right into real, open, honest, and thoughtful discussions about how they see the world around them.”

Uniqueness and Convenience

The model of zero cost for schools allows all teachers, regardless of budget, to provide this opportunity to their students. The safe and secure online platform and ease of communication make the program unique and convenient for a busy professional, something not traditionally associated with mentoring or volunteering.”

Authentic Learning

“I look forward to my student’s letters, and am always excited to see his point of view. It is amazing to get to encourage students to think outside of the box…to share the scientific process, excitement, and interest in the world. I believe it is necessary for children to strengthen their communication skills as well as STEM skills.”

Paying It Forward

Participating in this program enabled me to touch someone’s life. As a child, I had a person that did that for me and it ignited the spark for learning. I’m hoping to do this also!”

Ready to Make a Difference?

Reach out now to find out how you can engage in virtual volunteerism through eMentoring with CricketTogether today!