Schneider Electric launches innovative new STEM eMentoring pilot program

Schneider Electric partners with TryEngineering Together to connect employees with students, inspire greater interest in STEM

BOSTON, MA, USA, November 6, 2019 / — Schneider Electric, the leader of digital transformation in energy management and automation, today launched an eMentoring pilot program, TryEngineering Together, to inspire a passion for STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math – among students for the future. The virtual mentoring pilot program will pair 25 Schneider Electric eMentors from locations around the country with students in grades 3-5 to share their experience and collaborate on STEM-focused classroom projects.

Co-created by IEEE, the world’s largest technical professional organization advancing technology for humanity, and Cricket Media, Inc., a global education company, TryEngineering Together is a platform for employee volunteers to inspire students in under-resourced communities and help educate them on STEM-based topics. The program uses a safe and secure two-way digital platform through which employees share their STEM expertise with students as they collaboratively work through a tailored curriculum and virtually discuss hands-on activities.

“As mentors, Schneider Electric employees are able to share their vast knowledge and practical experiences with students to spark their interest in STEM and build their confidence for the future,” said Marta Heinrich, Global Operational Transformation Leader, Schneider Electric. “By forming a real-life connection to their mentor in a STEM profession, we hope to inspire this generation of students to become our next generation of engineers, scientists and technical professionals.”

"Employees sharing their individual STEM experiences and career paths could have a tremendous impact on students who may not have exposure to STEM professionals and personal guidance."

Marta Heinrich, Schneider Electric

Due to a lack of role models and mentors, many young people, especially girls and minorities, do not picture themselves as able to have a successful STEM career. In fact, research shows that by eighth grade nearly 50 percent of students lose interest in STEM or deem it irrelevant to their education or career plans. As a result, sparking students’ interest in STEM and building their confidence before completing middle school is imperative to ensure an active pursuit of an education that leads to a career in the STEM field. TryEngineering Together addresses this critical issue by engaging students with professionals who can help connect STEM education with its application in the real world. More than two-thirds of the nearly 30 Schneider Electric eMentor volunteers are women in STEM/Engineering-related roles. This eMentoring program aligns with the digital focus of Schneider Electric by leveraging new technologies to reach students who were previously unreachable through traditional mentoring programs. This opens new opportunities to participating students from under-serviced schools who may not know anyone in a STEM career field or otherwise be exposed to STEM activities. The program pairs that exposure with the guidance and encouragement needed for students to explore STEM activities which can potentially lead to careers in STEM.

Schneider Electric eMentors will serve as the students’ learning partners. Once the teacher selects a unit, the students are then empowered to pick an article from the online library to read in tandem with their eMentors. This article serves as an introduction to and jumping off point for students’ explorations of the STEM topic at hand and is then supplemented in the classroom with further discussions and related hands-on activities. Throughout the unit, students and eMentors exchange letters discussing what they are learning, posing and answering questions, and seeking advice about how to integrate the designs they put together for their hands-on activities. In addition, eMentors are encouraged to share information about their lives, their educational backgrounds and careers, as well as how they developed their passion for STEM.

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