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Welcome to Cricket’s Back to School Center—your hub for special discounts on Cricket products and services, plus free articles and activities to help make this year’s Back to School season fun and productive!

Language Learning

We have two wonderful online programs offering both 1:1 and small group lessons for beginners, intermediate, and advanced learners. Below is a brief description of each program accompanied by special discount promo codes.

A Mandarin Chinese program built around a proprietary curriculum for children ages 5–16, with engaging instructors and fun-filled lessons.

Three-Class Trial
SCHOOLTRIAL to take 3 trial classes for only $9.99 (regularly $29)

All Bulk Class Packages
SCHOOL15 to save 15% on any larger class package

Offers 11 languages for high schoolers, college students and adults with a focus on developing true conversational skills.

Group Courses
SCHOOLGROUP to save $100

Private Lessons – Prepaid

Private Lessons – Monthly
SCHOOLMONTHLY to save 15% off the first 3 months


Cricket’s magazines have delighted and educated children from toddlers to teens for more than 40 years.  They make great year-round and holiday gifts that will have children and grandchildren looking forward to each new issue.

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Free Teacher Guides to help incorporate each magazine issue into your plans.

Math Tutoring

Looking for help in preparing for your child’s next math test? Need help with a final exam? Cricket Tutoring brings your child individualized 1:1 math learning support with experienced K–12 tutors ready to meet needs in practice, test prep, homework help, review, SAT preparedness, or enrichment needs. Now is the perfect time to get started.

TRY IT TODAY: 1 hour for $.99! Use coupon code TRYMATH


Cricket offers eMentoring programs focused on literacy and STEM topics. Whether you are a teacher looking for a fun experience to add to your classroom, a volunteer looking to help children online, a business looking for a way to give back to your community, or a parent wanting to connect your children to our educational programs, we encourage you reach out and let us know how we can help. 

More Free Resources, Articles, and Activities

Way Back to School

from ASK Magazine
If you've ever wondered what school was like long ago, this article explains it all! From ancient Sparta to medieval Italy to Renaissance-era Paris to 19th century England, here's a glimpse at schools throughout history and around the world!

Ruby Bridges

from APPLESEEDS Magazine
This article talks about how one brave girl was the first to integrate the previously all-white William Frantz Public School in Louisiana.

Sheep Lessons

from LADYBUG Magazine
A young girl named Merri who loves nothing more than sheep starts her first day of kindergarten-- and she's not sure it's for her. Her sheep might not follow her to school, like in "Mary Had a Little Lamb," but they do help her learn a lesson about trying new things.

Back to School

from LADYBUG Magazine
A realistic look at what it takes to get ready for a new school year, this story follows a family as they shop for school supplies and prepare for the big day!

The One with the Freckle

from LADYBUG Magazine
Alex and Brian are identical twins, distinguishable only by a freckle. They've always done everything together-- until their first day of kindergarten, when they're assigned to different classes. Will Alex adjust to school without his brother?

Chicken Licken Rides the Bus

from SPIDER Magazine
Emma's a little scared to ride the bus on the first day of school, so she makes sure to keep her best friend close by to calm her down. The only trouble? Her "friend" is her pet chicken, Chicken Licken, and she's hiding in her backpack!

Brain Soup

from CRICKET Magazine
When the new kid at school is asked to share something about his summer, he spins a fantastical yarn about soup that surprises his classmates.

Back to School Sale

from SPIDER Magazine
Going back to school often means shopping for a new wardrobe. This can be tricky if you're a dinosaur!


from CRICKET Magazine
This poem captures that late summer, early fall feeling that hits at the beginning of a new school year!

Make a Schultüte

from SPIDER Magazine
Students in Germany take paper cones filled with school supplies and treats to the first day of school. Create your own with this craft from SPIDER Magazine!

Writing with Walnuts

from SPIDER Magazine
Going back to school now is much easier than it was when Europeans first settled in the United States. Back then, kids had to make many of their own supplies—even ink. Here's a recipe for ink made with walnut shells that you can try at home!

Silly School Jokes

from SPIDER Magazine
Here's a crop of ridiculous riddles and giggles perfect for going back to school!