This holiday season, Cricket Media is partnering with two of the best literacy charities in the world to deliver copies of BABYBUG®, LADYBUG™, SPIDER®, and CRICKET® Magazines directly to children in underserved communities. With your help, even more children will grow up with the power of imagination right in their mailboxes!



AGES 3 – 6

AGES 6 – 9

AGES 9 – 14


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Libraries Without Borders (LWB) supports community development in 20 countries around the world through the promotion of literacy. Your donation will bring magazine subscriptions of BABYBUG®, LADYBUG™, SPIDER®, AND CRICKET® directly to children living in underserved communities in Detroit, Michigan and Native American reservations.



Parent-Child Home Program provides under-resourced families with the necessary skills and tools to help their children thrive in school and in life. PCHP brings school readiness to underserved children through intensive home visits and weekly gifts of books and educational materials. Your donation will bring subscriptions of BABYBUG®, LADYBUG™, SPIDER®, AND CRICKET® directly into the homes of families in more than 400 high-need communities throughout the United States.



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