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The Perfect Source for your K-12 Content Needs

License award-winning literature, informational text and illustrations from the world’s leading publisher of children’s magazines.

With an archive of more than 100,000 assets, an easy-to-use robust search engine, and concierge search service at your fingertips, Cricket is the perfect source for your K–12 content needs.

Comprised of nearly 50 years of award-winning magazines, Cricket’s content archive includes literature, informational text, richly illustrated stories and articles, maps, cartoons, puzzles, crafts, games, interviews, and so much more.

Benefits of Cricket Content:

  • Thousands of topics from hundreds of issues
  • Expertly organized Digital Asset Library makes searching a breeze
  • Extensive metadata helps define your particular need and insure the content meets it
  • Can be modified to suit specific product needs
  • Affordable, flexible licensing arrangements
  • Concierge Service

Exceptional, Authentic Content

Choose from over 100,000 selections and illustrations spanning social studies, arts and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), as well as literature, informational text, richly illustrated stories and articles, maps, cartoons, puzzles, crafts, games, interviews and more.

Literary Selections

Representing the best in children’s literature, Cricket’s selections provide rich, authentic texts. Engaging stories, poems, plays and essays fuel children’s imagination, challenge their minds, and show them what good writing is all about.

Informational Text

More than a collection of facts and data, Cricket’s informational articles are written by experts in the field then given the special voice and narrative style that make Cricket’s content unique. Charts, maps, photos and instructional graphics fascinate readers while developing their critical thinking skills.


Pictures really do tell a story and vibrant illustrations are the hallmark of Cricket’s magazines. Now you can use these illustrations to enrich your own products. Also available for licensing: Crickets delightful illustrated cast of recurring characters.

The Right Content for Any Project

Ways our customers use Cricket Media content:

Assessment Design

Authentic selections support assessment items on the most sophisticated skills. Modify as needed to suit length and readability requirements.

Book Publishing

Create high-interest books and collections with topics ranging from aardvarks to Zimbabwe—complete with award-winning illustrations.

Curriculum Development

Crafted by professional children’s authors and subject matter experts, our content is perfect for curricula designed to meet rigorous national standards.

Reading Intervention Software

Content available in PDF or disaggregated RTF formats and simplified uploading to any platform.

Content Licensing Simplified

With Cricket you get simple and swift rights and permissions because Cricket owns or obtains rights to license the content in the Cricket library.

Powerful Search Tools

  • Expertly organized content library
  • Robust search engine
  • Extensive metadata
  • Concierge Team available to search for you

The Right Selections

  • Thousands of topics from hundreds of issues
  • A wide range of Lexile levels and word counts
  • Can be modified to suit specific product needs

Quick Delivery

  • Affordable, flexible licensing arrangements
  • Fast turnaround on rights-cleared content
  • Most requests filled within a week

Licensing Options

  • Whole articles in context
  • Text only
  • Modify, excerpt, abridge
  • Illustrations
  • Flexible licensing terms including worldwide rights, multi-year, all formats and media
  • Create translations

Expert Services

Concierge Service

Take advantage of our concierge service to help you get more done in less time. Nobody knows our content better than we do.

Rights and Permissions Services

Let us provide you the peace of mind of rights compliance and reduce your reliance on in-house resources for clearing your content.

Rely on the Cricket team’s understanding of copyright, mitigate infringement and liability risks, ensure uniformity and decrease time spent researching and misinterpreting “gray” areas in intellectual property.

With Cricket you can alleviate permission bottlenecks, increase predictably of licensing fees, and speed product time to market.

  • General Rights and Clearances and Photo Research
  • Manuscript Assessment and Contract Analysis
  • Passage Finding with Proactive Rights Framing
  • Rights Consulting
  • Work flow and Processes
  • Global Rights Strategies and Policies
  • Proxy for Strategic Content Partnerships
  • Rights Data Infrastructure: guidance on system set-up, architecture, schema, reporting needs
  • Copyright Education
  • Ongoing Consulting Engagement

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