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CLICK® Submission Guidelines

General Information

CLICK® introduces young children to ideas and concepts in the natural, physical, or social sciences; the arts; technology; math; and history. Each edition of CLICK is built around a central theme and features a variety of formats, including stories, articles, poems, photo essays, interviews, and activities.

An ideal CLICK article investigates and explains the how and why of its subject in a friendly, engaging, often humorous way. Intended to be accessible and appealing to pre-readers and beginning readers, CLICK prose should be informal and conversational, with a clear focus on ideas rather than just facts.

CLICK is especially interested in narrative nonfiction, stories that read like fiction but contain and explain nonfiction concepts within them. Since one of CLICK’s goals is to encourage children to question, observe, and explore, successful stories often show children engaged in finding out about their universe—with the help of supportive, but not all-knowing adults.

Cricket Media, Inc. is committed to a diverse literary culture, and we welcome works by writers from underrepresented groups (people of color, people with disabilities, LGBTQAI+ folks, and other marginalized peoples).


CLICK magazine does not accept unsolicited manuscripts. All articles and stories in CLICK are commissioned. Authors are expected to ensure that all content is scientifically correct in both conception and detail, and drafts should include a full list of references and sources consulted.

The best way for writers to understand what CLICK is looking for is to read the magazine. (Sample copies are available for viewing at the Cricket Store, where you can also purchase a current issue.) Issues are also available at many local libraries.


200–500 words


600–900 words


Experienced science writers who wish to be considered for commissions may send a resume and published clips to click@cricketmedia.com.


  • Articles previously unpublished: Rights vary, with option for authors to retain copyright.
  • Articles previously published: CLICK purchases second publication rights.

Art Submissions

See our submission guidelines for artists.