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A Valuable Service Suite for Employees

Employees are looking for innovative services that align with their interests and passions. The types of services offered matter to employees and can be an important differentiator leading to higher employee retention.

Your authentic appreciation towards your employees by providing a meaningful services program goes beyond a traditional monetary reward.

  • All of our products are provided by a trusted global education company that creates award-winning content and safe and secure collaborative learning networks used by millions. 
  • Affordable, with minimal administrative requirements.
  • Cricket’s Service Suite provides valuable benefits for both company and employees.

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Offer Your Employees the Cricket Service!

Language Training Program: A custom curriculum for 11 popular languages

Based on your needs, we’ll customize a learning program for you that will accomplish specific business goals and deliver hyper-relevant language learning outcomes for your employees and your specific business need. Our conversation-based lessons are taught by live instructors to emphasize communication over memorization. Our unique blended learning model sets us apart from apps, textbooks, and other traditional approaches. 

Individual or team/group lessons for your employees.
Also available for children for specific languages.

eMentoring: Literary & STEM Inspiration to Children

Serving as eMentors, employees are paired 1:1 with students to read Cricket’s intriguing articles and exchange online letters about what they’ve read and how it relates to the world around them. This unique and supportive virtual mentoring encourages a deep connection, empowering students to ask thought-provoking questions, embrace critical thinking, and develop a life-long love of learning while discovering a world of possibilities and perspectives beyond the walls of their classroom.

Inspire literacy and STEM skills.

1:1 Tutoring: Combat pandemic learning loss

Right NOW students across the country are dealing with pandemic-related severe learning loss and are in desperate need of help to catch up. Researchers and educators both agree in recommending intensive 1:1 tutoring as the most effective remedy.

Cricket’s safe and secure tutoring platform offers corporations a meaningful opportunity to participate in a life-changing educational experience for their employees’ children. 

Currently offering math tutoring for K–12 students (including MATH SAT prep).

Educational Children’s Magazines: A magazine for every age and interest

Challenge your child’s mind and inspire a sense of wonder and curiosity about the world around them. For nearly 50 years, Cricket has been charming millions of children and parents who subscribe to one or more of our 9 award-winning magazines for kids—from art and literature to science and history. Our family of magazines—created by internationally recognized writers and illustrators who deliver the highest-quality stories, poems, and non-fiction articles—has won more awards than any other children’s publisher. 

Year-round educational gifts for children ages 0–14.

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