Halloween’s around the corner, and Cricket Media invites all bats and ghouls to celebrate the spooky-ooky season with some delightful tricks and treats!


We invite you to sample some of the terrific stories in this month’s issues including “The Halloween Parade Problem” (Ladybug), “Won’t You Be My Frankenstein” (Spider) and the spine-tingling quiz, “Which Monster Are You?” (Cricket).  And don’t forget to send some Halloween cheer with a wide assortment of whimsically-illustrated Cricket greeting cards and printables!


Cover Art by Logan Kline

Cover Art by Logan Kline


What’s your favorite part of October? Picking the roundest pumpkins and crispest apples with your family? Making creative costumes? Trick-or-treating and partying with your friends? Or enjoying delicious holiday sweets? Enjoy all of this festive fun and meet some real-life creepy-crawlies in October’s issue of LADYBUG, featuring these stories and poems:


  • Five Little Bandits by Buffy Silverman, art by Tom Leonard
  • Mem and Grandpa at the Farm Stand by Margi Rossetti, art by Taeeun Yoo
  • Pumpkin Pal, art by Jeff Crowther
  • The More We Get Together, art by Laura Zannoni
  • Pill Bugs by Patricia Toht, art by Fiammetta Dogi
  • Rock-and-Roll Mazy, art by Remy Simard
  • Manny’s Animals by Julia Durango, art by Mark Hicks
  • Look Up! by Karen G. Jordan, art by Kristina Swarner
  • The Halloween Parade Problem by Maggie Murphy, art by Jennifer Zivoin
  • Go, Go Robot! By Charlotte Gunnufson, art by Hector Borlasca
  • Cupcake by Beverly McLoughland, art by Colleen Madden
  • Regular features include: Max and Kate, I Spy, Molly & Emmett, Muddle & Thud, and a fun robot puppet craft!
Cover Art by Lee Hodges

Cover Art by Lee Hodges


Leaves are turning orange and brown, days are getting cooler, and nights are getting longer. It’s the perfect time of year to curl up with a good spooky story. In this issue of SPIDER, you’ll meet hair-raising haunts, goofy ghosts, and… a witch shopping for groceries? Read a monster love poem, get lost in a Halloween maze, make shadow puppets, put on a mystery play, and even learn how to play Midnight Mummy Bowling. This month’s tricks and treats include:


  • Scary Shadows by Nathan Ariss
  • Won’t You Be My Frankenstein? By Neal Levin, art by Mark Rogalski
  • Simone the Private Fly: The Monstrous Slumber Party by Cassandra Rose, art by Alejandro O’Kif
  • Midnight Mummy Bowling by Evelyn O’Connell, art by Hector Borlasca
  • Samson by Kristian Johansen, art by Brian White
  • Shadow Play by Robert Clark, art by Dominic Catalano
  • The Witch Who Couldn’t Order In by Andrea L. Mack, art by Lars Leetaru
  • Goblin Magic by Kemuel DeMoville, art by Christina Ellis
  • And a Halloween matching game called Old Ogre
  • Regular Features include: Doodlebug & Dandelion, Spider’s Mailbox, Spider’s Corner, Ophelia’s Last Word, Buggy Bulletin, Mind-Buggler, Spider and the Gang, and The Fun-Zone



Cover art by JooHee Yoon


It’s almost Halloween, when monsters roam the streets and the witching hour lasts all night long, and you’re tired of hearing the same old ghost stories. But have you ever heard a kappa story? Or a thunderbird story? How about a story featuring jiang shi, the Chinese zombies? Encounter a whole host of new monsters in this issue of CRICKET, including the terrifying Vanishers. Journey to a medieval castle, join Roman twins Statius and Caeso for the next chapter of their adventures, and read an interview with the man behind the mask of many of your favorite movie monsters. And don’t forget to take our quiz to figure out which lesser-known monster you are. You may just find your next Halloween costume! Spine-tingling stories, poems, and activities include:


  • Scarecrows by Justin Werfel, art by Pep Boatella
  • Life of a Leaf by Buffy Silverman, art by Shelly Hehenberger
  • The Man in the Monster Suit by Shelley Walden
  • Which Monster Are You? by Ginger Garret, art by Julie Paschkis
  • Vanquishing the Hungry Chinese Zombies by Claudine Gueh, art by Stephanie Brown
  • Kyngdom by Cricket Chatterboxers
  • Hope on High by Lindsay Koch, art by Bethanne Anderson
  • Autumn by Allison Stevick, art by Bethanne Anderson
  • Vanishers by Josh Allen, art by Sara Corbett
  • All for a Lizard by Nell Wright, art by Agnese Baruzzi
  • Regular features include: The Letterbox, Cricket Country, Ugly Bird’s Crossbird Puzzle, Cricket League, Cricket and Ladybug, and Old Cricket Says.

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