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Welcome to Cricket’s Hub for Homeschooling, a place for special discounts on Cricket products and services and free articles, activities and resources. Cricket offers homeschool parents a number of options to supplement, enhance, and build upon a foundational curriculum.

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Language Learning

We have two wonderful online programs offering both private instruction to meet individualized needs and group instruction to support language acquisition. Our programs help increase achieve proficiency to work towards Seal of Biliteracy, IB diploma, Dual Enrollment, and more!  Below is a brief description of each program accompanied by special discount promo codes.

A Mandarin Chinese program built around a proprietary curriculum for children ages 5–16, with engaging instructors and fun-filled lessons.

Three-Class Trial
SCHOOLTRIAL to take 3 trial classes for only $9.99 (regularly $29)

All Bulk Class Packages
SCHOOL15 to save 15% on any larger class package

Offers 11 languages for high schoolers and adults. Plus, we can set up special tutoring programs for younger students—just let us know what you need!

Group Courses
SCHOOLGROUP to save $100

Private Lessons – Prepaid

Private Lessons – Monthly
SCHOOLMONTHLY to save 15% off the first 3 months


Cricket Media’s magazines have delighted and educated children from toddlers to teens for more than 40 years. Use Cricket magazines to step up your science schooling, take literary lessons to the next level, and bring history to life.

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Free Teacher Guides to help incorporate each magazine issue into your plans.

Math Tutoring

Looking for help in preparing for your child’s next math test? Need help with a final exam? Cricket Tutoring brings your child individualized 1:1 math learning support with experienced K–12 tutors ready to meet needs in practice, test prep, homework help, review, SAT preparedness, or enrichment needs. Now is the perfect time to get started.

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Getting advice from a knowledgeable adult in a career field that interests them may be just what children need to achieve their dreams. While our virtual mentoring programs, CricketTogether (focusing on literacy) and TryEngineering Together (focusing on STEM subjects) may have been created with traditional classrooms in mind, we can help create tailor-made options for your homeschoolers to give them the one-on-one learning support that they need.

More Free Resources, Articles, and Activities

A Day at Liberty Bay

from LADYBUG Magazine
Ben is lonely after moving, but he makes a new friend who introduces him to marine animals at the beach.

Matthias and the Dragons

from SPIDER Magazine
What would you do if you met a dragon? In this medieval fantasy adventure, a clever young boy uses his puppet theater training in sound effects to outsmart a dragon!

Storm Chaser

from CRICKET Magazine
Emily was excited to track tornadoes with her meteorologist father, but she never expected to find herself inside of one! Will her father know what to do?

Play It Safe

from CLICK Magazine
Animals have many ways to stay safe, from rolling in a ball to leaping away. Can you do what these animals do to protect themselves?

The Invention of Bubblegum

from ASK Magazine
Walter Diemer knew lots about math, but not much about gum. He was an accountant for a company that was secretly trying to invent a new kind of gum. Nobody guessed that Walter would change the world of candy forever by creating bubble gum!


from MUSE Magazine
Earlier this year, a photo of a black hole took the world by storm. Meet Andrea Ghez, a scientist who's devoted her life to capturing these incredible phenomena.

Dear Kylie

from FACES Magazine
In every issue of FACES, Kylie meets a new pen pal from around the world. This time, she writes letters with Ireh, a girl who lives in South Korea but used to live in the USA. Discover what life in Korea is like with Ireh!

Official Symbols

from COBBLESTONE Magazine
Have you ever wondered about the stories behind our national symbols? Why is the eagle the national bird? Who is Uncle Sam? All the answers are here!

Flower Family

from LADYBUG Magazine
Kids can create a beautiful bouquet of paper flowers with the faces of family members with this simple craft.

Chimp Chomp

from SPIDER Magazine
Made with fresh fruit and animal crackers, this silly and sweet snack is sure to please any playful primate.

Heads Will Roll

from ASK Magazine
Here's a cool trick you can do with a coin to impress your friends. But it's not magic-- it's science!

Big Buggy Bubbles

from SPIDER Magazine
If you want to make the most amazing, gigantic bubbles, here's the secret! It all starts with a coat hanger!