Enrich your products and enhance your brand with Cricket Media’s collaborative learning platform. Our safe and secure technology matches learners according to their interests, policy-manages their relationships and groups learners in a variety of ways, from classroom exchanges to personalized mentoring and tutoring.


Here are just some of the exciting ways you can tap into our platform and community of millions of students and teachers.


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  • Showcase your brand through exclusive and highly visible marketing placement in our ePals Global Community of 3.5 million teachers and students
  • Connect teachers and students with your content or product through “Experience” projects that you can sponsor or create with us
  • Build awareness of your brand by sponsoring a “Challenge” contest that engages teachers, students, and families around the world
  • Check out a partner example: Smithsonian Folklorist Challenge on ePals

Learning Communities

  • Let us create and host a community customized for your brand and designed to complement your products
  • Perfect for organizations and companies that want to enrich their educational offerings with a global digital experience
    • Language learning practice: Tap into our worldwide network of classrooms and safe collaboration platform to enable language learners to practice with native speakers
    • Cultural exchanges: Enhance social studies products with virtual cultural exchanges between teachers and students around the globe
    • Project-based learning: Make a curriculum come alive with deep and meaningful collaborative environments and resources

Platform Services

  • Integrate collaborative experiences within your own products through our services/APIs
  • Services include matching, policy management and user grouping for collaboration as well as content services for access to more than 30,000 pieces of digital content