We enjoy seeing pictures, stories, and poems by our young readers, but Cricket Magazine Group does not accept any contributions from children or students other than CRICKET® magazine’s Cricket League, SPIDER® magazine’s Spider’s Corner contest entries, and CICADA®magazine. SPIDER is mainly for readers who are nine years old or under, CRICKET is mainly for readers who are over nine years old, and CICADA is for young adult readers. However, these age guidelines are flexible. The specific theme and rules for each contest are found on the Cricket League page in CRICKET, the Spider’s Corner page in SPIDER, or the Submissions page in CICADA.

Please note that all submissions must be your own, original work, certified by a teacher or guardian. If you are age 13 or younger, please also include a document signed by your guardian granting permission to contact you regarding your submission and to acquire additional personal information as needed to process your work. All submissions become the property of Cricket Magazine Group and will not be returned. We assume no responsibility for unsolicited material. Submissions do not guarantee publication.  Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope if you would like a reply.

Winning contest entries are also posted online in the Kids section. To protect your privacy, the web postings will show only a child’s first name, last initial, age, and state.

Listed below are publications that do publish student work. If you wish to contact them, be sure to enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope.

Stone Soup
Children’s Art Foundation
Box 83
Santa Cruz, CA 95063

Creative Kids
P.O. Box 8813
Waco, TX 76714-8813

See more listings at the NewPages.com Young Authors Guide.

Visit with your school librarian or a librarian at your local public library for information on contests or publications in your area or other magazines that publish student work.

Thank you for your interest in our magazines. We wish you success in publishing your work.

Please see our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions for more information about submissions from children.