Winter Center

Welcome to Cricket’s Winter Holiday Center—your hub for special discounts on Cricket products and services, plus free articles and activities to help make this year’s winter season fun and productive!

Language Learning

We have two wonderful online programs offering both 1:1 and small group lessons for beginners, intermediate, and advanced learners. Below is a brief description of each program accompanied by special discount promo codes.

A Mandarin Chinese program built around a proprietary curriculum for children ages 5–16, with engaging instructors and fun-filled lessons.

Three-Class Trial
WINTERTRIAL to take 3 trial classes for only $9.99 (regularly $29)

All Bulk Class Packages
WINTER15 to save 15% on any larger class package

Offers 11 languages for children and adults with a focus on developing true conversational skills.

Group Courses
WINTERGROUP to save $100

Private Lessons – Prepaid

Private Lessons – Monthly
WINTERMONTHLY to save 15% off the first 3 months


Cricket’s magazines have delighted and educated children from toddlers to teens for more than 40 years.  They make great year-round and holiday gifts that will have children and grandchildren looking forward to each new issue.

View our special subscription discount page.

Save 40% off on single issues from our large archive with coupon code E56MEP011.

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Free Teacher Guides to help incorporate each magazine issue into your plans.

Math Tutoring

Looking for help in preparing for your child’s next math test? Need help with a final exam? Cricket Tutoring brings your child individualized 1:1 math learning support with experienced K–12 tutors ready to meet needs in practice, test prep, homework help, review, SAT preparedness, or enrichment needs. Now is the perfect time to get started.

TRY IT TODAY: 1 hour for $.99! Use coupon code TRYMATH


Cricket offers eMentoring programs focused on literacy and STEM topics. Whether you are a teacher looking for a fun experience to add to your classroom, a volunteer looking to help children online, a business looking for a way to give back to your community, or a parent wanting to connect your children to our educational programs, we encourage you reach out and let us know how we can help. 

More Free Resources, Articles, and Activities

Snowshoe Hare's Winter Home

from LADYBUG Magazine
This sweet winter tale follows a snowshoe hare as he watches his friends get ready to hibernate or migrate for the winter. He wonders where he should spend the winter until he meets some more friendly hares who give him advice!

Bear's Holiday Cards

from LADYBUG Magazine
Every winter, Bear settles down for a nice long sleep. That means he has to miss the holiday season each year. But fortunately, Bear’s good friends from the forest send him festive cards while he’s asleep!

The Mouse Cafe

from SPIDER Magazine
The Mouse Cafe isn’t just famous for its latkes. It also has a nice view, good folks… and a SERIOUS owl problem. It takes a brave and resourceful customer to help the Fieldmouse family solve their owl problem and start a new Hanukkah tradition!

For the First Night of Kwanzaa

from SPIDER Magazine
After Kofi accidentally breaks a fruit bowl his family needs for their Kwanzaa celebration, he heads out to the market to find a replacement. He may just learn the real meaning of Kwanzaa while he's at it!

Somebody Catch That Christmas Tree

from SPIDER Magazine
The Sidney family’s christmas tree is too beautiful for Popcorn the cat to resist. When the family replaces breakable ornaments with toys in hopes of keeping their beloved pet out of trouble, they end up with a calamity on their hands!

The Miracle Cracker Latkes

from CRICKET Magazine
In a festive new twist on a classic tale, Adam claims he can make miraculous latkes using only crackers... and a little help from the neighbors!

The Christmas Day Kitten

from CRICKET Magazine
When a stray cat leaves her kitten at a woman's home on Christmas Day, it changes her household forever. This semi-autobiographical story was written by the legendary veterinarian and author James Herriot.

Snowflake Wrapping Paper

from SPIDER Magazine
Make your very own festive wrapping paper! Not only is it one-of-a-kind and homemade, it’s recycled! All you need is a paper bag, scissors, pain, a paper plate, and an empty cardboard tube.

Mini Recycled Christmas Tree

from CRICKET Magazine
Here’s another fun recycling project for kids that makes a perfect centerpiece– and puts old magazines to good use!

Glorious Gelt

from SPIDER Magazine
Every Hanukkah, kids look forward to tasty chocolate candies shaped like coins. They’re called gelt–Yiddish for ‘money’–and you can make your own sweet Hanukkah treats at home using this recipe!

Spiced Pomander Ball

from SPIDER Magazine
Kids may not know the word ‘pomander,’ but they’ll know the smell of this sweet and spicy decoration. It’s the difficult-to-describe yet instantly-recognizable smell of the holiday season!

Her Majesty's Gingerbread Cookies

from SPIDER Magazine
According to legend, Elizabeth I introduced the first gingerbread men to the world when she asked her cooks to bake pastry shaped like her favorite courtiers. Copy her culinary flair and share these cookies with your friends and family!