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We create global opportunities for individuals and groups to pursue and achieve language and learning goals throughout their life with our human-centric, experiential approach to learning online.








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Teacher Feature

Celebrating our Teachers & Tutors 

Our teachers are the core of our community and all have expertise in the subjects and content areas that they instruct….They come from all over the world — from Paris to Tokyo to Buenos Aires (and everywhere in between) and are eager to share their love of language with you. Choose to work with a teacher that suits your learning goals and learning style!


We are so impressed with Valeria who taught not just one, but TWO successful pilot Spanish classes and events this past month!

Valeria has been teaching with us for over 2 years and has 20 years of experience teaching in general. Passionate, organized, committed and enthusiastic, she offers entertaining, dynamic and challenging lessons for both adults and children.
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Winners and Favorites from our Magazines

Call to Action! Here are the current contests.


The sky puts on a great show. Want to add your own touch? For this month’s contest, design an amazing kite, balloon, glider, or unexpected flying object that you think would look stupendous floating among the clouds. Send us a picture of your fantastic flyer, and we’ll feature a flotilla of them in an upcoming issue of ASK.

Contest rules:

  1. Your contest entry must be your very own work. Ideas and words should not be copied.
  2. Be sure to include your name, age, and address on your entry.
  3. Only one entry per person, please.
  4. If you want your work returned, enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope.
  5. Your entry must be signed or emailed by a parent or legal guardian, saying it’s your own work and that no one helped you, and that ASK has permission to publish it in print and online.
  6. For information on the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, see the Privacy Policy page at cricketmedia.com.
  7. Email a photo or scan of artwork to: ask@cricketmedia.com, or mail to: ASK, 1 East Erie Street, Suite 525, PMB4136, Chicago, IL 60611
    Entries must be postmarked or emailed by June 30, 2023.
  8. We will publish the winning entries in an upcoming issue of ASK.

From a “A Mother’s Voice,” to “Elixir of the Incas,” to Olga the pigeon mother in “Old Cricket Says,” this May/June Cricket brings to mind just how special moms and dads are. As a treat for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, everybuggy would love to see your best drawing of an inspiring, amazing, unbeatable mom or dad.

Will your art focus on an animal mom or dad nurturing and protecting their young, like the mother lion in “The Pride”? Perhaps you will draw robin parents carrying worms to their nest (sorry, George and Tail). Or a penguin dad standing over his chick to protect it from the icy Antarctic wind. Or a mother sea turtle crawling across a beach in the moonlight to bury her eggs safely in the sand. Maybe your art will be inspired by your own mom or dad, as they help you with your homework (or you help them with their computer), or relax in a favorite chair, or do Saturday chores, or have fun on vacation. You might even imagine moms and dads in mythology, like Mother Earth, or Father Zeus, or a dragon taking her babies on their first flight.

Whether you draw a mother with her baby ducklings, a cat cuddling with her new kittens, or your dad doing something silly to make your laugh, everybuggy will be looking forward to your very best work of art featuring an unbeatable mom or dad. (Pussywillow has
already started a drawing of Ladybug!)

Contest rules:

  1. Your contest entry must be your very own original work. Ideas and words should not be copied.
  2. Your entry must be signed by your parent or guardian, stating that it is your own work, that no help was given,
    and that Cricket has permission to publish it in the magazine and on our website.
  3. Be sure to include your name, age, and full address on your entry.
  4. Only one entry per person, please.
  5. If you want your work returned, enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope for each entry.
  6. Your entry must be received by June 25, 2023.
  7. Send entries to Cricket League, P.O. Box 300, Peru, IL 61354. (No faxes or email submissions, please!)
  8. We will publish winning entries in the October 2023 issue and on the Cricket website.

Make sourdough pancakes–OR–Use the outline provided on page 20 and decorate your own gingerbread person.

Have your parent or legal guardian send us a high-resolution image of your creation to faces@cricketmedia.com by May 16, 2023. Be sure the email includes your name, age, and address, and states that “Cricket Media, Inc. may publish the image provided in Cricket’s magazines and online, and that I am authorized to provide the image.”

All submissions become property of Cricket Media, Inc. and will not be returned.


There is a full house tonight, and the stage is lit with a single spotlight—on you! What would you
perform onstage, if you could do anything you wanted? Sing, dance, act in a play, clown around, or
something else? Or maybe you’re backstage, writing, directing, building props, or lighting the stars? Whatever your role in the Muse Theater, tell us about it in words or pictures. We’ll be waiting to showcase some of our favorites on opening night.

Contest rules:

  1. Your contest entry must be your very own original work. Ideas and words should not be copied.
  2. Be sure to include your name, age, and full address on your entry.
  3. Only one entry per person, please.
  4. If you want your work returned, enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope.
  5. All entries must be signed by a parent or legal guardian, saying that this is your own work and no help was given and granting permission to publish. For detailed information about our compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, visit the policy page at cricketmedia.com/privacy.
  6. Your entry must be received by May 31, 2023. We will publish winning entries in the December 2023 issue of MUSE.
  7. Send entries to MUSE Contest, 1 East Erie Street, Suite 525, PMB4136, Chicago, IL 60611 or via email to muse@cricketmedia.com. If entering a digital photo or scan, please send at 300 dpi.


Write a poem about growing fruit.

Here are the only rules:

  1. Your entry must be signed by a parent or legal guardian, authorizing its publication in print and/or online and saying it’s your own idea.
  2. Be sure to include your complete name, age, and address.
  3. Your entry must arrive by May 25, 2023. We will publish our favorites in the October 2023 issue of SPIDER.

Email your entry to spider@cricketmedia.com, or send it to Spider’s Corner, P.O. Box 300, Peru, IL 61354.

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