Sales Representative – Part Time (English and Mandarin fluent)

(Remote – Must reside in and be eligible to work in the Continental USA)

About the Position:

Cricket eLearning is an innovative online Language and eLearning platform powered by Cricket Media Services, Inc.  Cricket Media recognizes the importance of accessible eLearning experiences for learners of all ages and backgrounds.  Cricket Media is dedicated to maintaining connections in these eLearning spaces by staying committed to rehumanizing eLearning environments through interconnected, synchronous, and asynchronous learning opportunities that support community building and the development of social emotional skills as well as lifelong learning for people of diverse ages, backgrounds, and abilities.  One key program within Cricket eLearning, NeuLingo, focuses on Mandarin learning for children ages 5 through 12 in North America.  Cricket eLearning is seeking a part-time sales representative with Mandarin speaking skills and experience making connections and outbound calls to Chinese language schools and Chinese business and faith-based organizations.


Under the direction of the In2Books, Inc. (a division of Cricket Media Services, Inc.) and NeuPals Education Management Team, the sales representative will be responsible for making connections with Chinese language schools and institutions based in North America, uncovering and generating new sales opportunities, and developing collaborative opportunities for Cricket Media’s Mandarin learning program.


Status:  Contract, hourly plus commission, 10-15 hours per week


Reports to:  SVP Education Products


Key Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for uncovering and generating new sales opportunities for Company’s online language learning program, with an emphasis on Mandarin for young language learners.
  • Carry out quantitative and qualitative research about the contact information of Chinese schools/organizations/communities in North America, focusing first on MD/VA/DC area.
  • Gather large amounts of data promptly and enter the data into the Company’s database. 
  • Create summaries of researched data and convert into meaningful analysis. 
  • Proactively reach out via phone and in-person visits to U.S. based Chinese language schools and Chinese business and faith-based organizations, build connections, create partnerships, and generate sales.
  • Create an efficient sales plan and expand the customer base promptly.
  • Advise the research team on data collection and sorting to improve the data quality.
  • Complete at least ten live phone calls or visits each week.
  • Document and manage a quantifiable contact list, and provide timely and accurate weekly updates and forecasting.
  • Quickly learn and demonstrate knowledge about the program and emphasize its features to highlight how it can meet customers’ needs.
  • Answer customers’ inquiries and timely follow-up with customers.
  • Work effectively with other team members to develop and implement sales activities, including sales demos, webinars, presentations, etc.



  • 负责发掘和创造中文学习项目的销售机会。
  • 对北美华人学校/组织/社区的联系方式进行定量和定性调研和数据采集,首要关注MD/VA/DC地区。
  • 及时准确的收集大量数据并将数据输入公司数据库。
  • 根据收集整理到的数据进行有效分析,并依据数据汇总结论。
  • 通过电话或者亲自拜访的形式,积极主动的联系中文学校、华人组织和华人教会或其他华人社团机构,建立联系并创造合作关系。
  • 建立有效的销售计划,并能够在短时间内扩大客户群。
  • 为研究团队提供数据收集和整理方面的建议以提高数据质量。
  • 每周至少完成十个与机构建立联系的电话,或者本人亲自到学校机构进行走访。
  • 记录和管理联系人名单,并在每周提供最新报告和下一周的工作计划。
  • 可以快速的学习了解公司的中文项目,在与客户沟通过程中,可以阐述清晰项目的特点,突出其如何满足客户的需求或对客户已有内容的补充。
  • 能够准确并及时地回答客户的问询,并随时跟进客户任何问题。
  • 与其他团队成员有效合作,制定和实施销售活动,包括销售演示、网络研讨会、演讲等。



  • Has or is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in business, marketing, communications, or other related degrees
  • Has at least 2 years of experience as a salesperson and has worked with Chinese language schools, Chinese organizations, and/or Chinese communities
  • Able to demonstrate a high level of interpersonal spoken and written communication skills in Mandarin
  • Relevant working experience in selling education products and/or creating partnerships with Chinese language schools and Chinese organizations is a huge plus.
  • Expertise in MS Office and Google Docs
  • Ability to maintain energetic and friendly relationships with customers and quickly adjust to the fast-paced working environment
  • Ability to multi-task and prioritize deadlines.
  • Work authorization in the United States (required I-9 verification). 

          NOTE:  Cricket Media and its affiliates do not sponsor work authorizations.

  • Ability to work a flexible schedule, including weekends as necessary
  • Willing to travel to schools for in-person meetings


  • 拥有Business, Marketing, Communications或其他相关学位的学士学位。
  • 具有至少2年的销售经验,并与中文学校、华人组织和/或华人社区有过密切合作。
  • 拥有良好的口头和书面沟通能力,以及人际交往沟通能力。
  • 有销售教育产品给中文学校或华人机构,或与其建立过合作关系的相关工作经验者优先。
  • 精通MS Office和谷歌文档。
  • 能够与客户保持友好关系,并迅速适应快节奏的工作环境。
  • 有能力处理多项任务,并对最后期限进行优先排序。
  • 在美国有工作许可(需要I-9核查)。请注意,我公司不会资助申请工作许可。
  • 具有灵活的工作时间安排的能力,需要在周末时间到学校和机构进行走访面谈。
  • 可以本人到学校与学校相应负责人进行业务沟通说明。



How to apply:  Must submit cover letter and resume online to:


About Cricket Media:

We are Cricket Media®, a global education company creating high-quality print and online learning products for children, adults, families, mentors, teachers, and partners that improve learning opportunities for everyone.  Led by our 9 award-winning children’s magazines and our customizable research-tested collaborative learning programs, including NeuLingo, NeuABC, and Fluent City language learning, and CricketTogether and TryEngineering Together eMentoring platforms, we are committed to creating and supporting innovative learning experiences that help children and adults safely explore and engage with their expanding world. 


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