SPIDER March 2023 – Missing Sock (Poetry)

Olive W., age 6, Chatham NY Meredith C., age 8, Cleveland Heights OH Lyla G., age 7 Ocean City MD Lydia O., age 7, Manassas VA Haadi N., age 10, Westlake OH Ava N., age 9, Topeka KS Write a story about a missing sock.

CRICKET March 2023 – See the Sea (Poetry)

Adelaide G., age 14, Quakertown PA Amelia S., age 12, Appleton WI Arlo C., age 8, Sebastopol CA Celeste P., age 14, Lansdale PA Henry E., age 17, Whitefish Bay WI Joanie S., age 10, Portland ME Lanxin M., age 10, Maple Grove MN Magdalena G., age 10, Washington D.C. Ryan M., age 13, Astoria […]

MUSE February 2023 – Muse Mars Mission

Xavier C., age 9 Tycho B. W., age 12 Simeon P., age 8, NE Lydia P., age 12, NE Lee M., age 11, OR Lavinia D., age 8 Jessie S., age 11, UT Helen G., age 10, WI Finn O., age 9, UT Evie M., age 10, NC Caroline, age 9 Camille H., age 13, […]

ASK February 2023 – Pele’s Cousins

Alec H., age 9, VA Alex L., age 8 Anna P., age 10, NE Annabelle U., age 10, CA Annabelle V., age 7, IL Annica W, age 9, RI Anya-H., age 10, IL Arlo P., age 8, MA Avery D., age 6, NY Beatrix V., age 8, WA Brendan S., age 9, SDCora M., age […]

MUSE January 2023 – Your Secret Code

Alivia W., age 11, MN Anna B., age 9, OR Annika S., age 11, MD Annika S., age 11, MD Audrey L., age 12, CA Chloe W., CA Daniel P.M., age 10, TX Ella K., age 10, VA Ellie W., age 10, WA Elliott V., age 12, TN Emma S., age 9, PA Giuliana C., […]

FACES February 2023 – Design a Kerchief

Eden S. Lake R. Ayla N. Asha S. Silas W. In Basque country, kerchiefs or bandanas are worn tied around the neck to display a person’s identity with symbols of clubs they belong to, the name of a local festival, or specific patterns. What would you put on your kerchief to show your identity? Something […]

CRICKET February 2023 – Inspired (Art)

Anderson W., age 12, Cleveland, OH Anna U., age 14, Pensacola Beach, FL Ava S., age 9, Valley, AL Darcy D., age 10, New Haven, CT Eila F., age 15, Hudson, OH Flora G., age 13, Brooklyn, NY Gabriella M., age 12, Swampscott, MA Gray, age 12, Old Chatham, NY Hazel G., age 10, Hancock, […]

ASK January 2023 – Cn U Rd Ths?

Christopher D., 8, NJ Simeon P., age 8, NE Noah G., age 7, MA Miriam, age 9, CA Max G., age 9, MI Lucas H., age 11, TX Karina L., age 9, WA Jimmy C., age 9, HI Jayden, age 7, WI Isador L., age 10, CA Hartmann K., age 6, NC Eamon L., age […]

SPIDER February 2023 – Music-Loving Dragon

Brayden H., age 10, Green Bay, WI Brian L., age 6, Woonsocket, SD Cecilia B., age 12, Boiling Springs, SC Declan K., age 10, Brighton, MA Eleanor R., age 9, Knoxville, TN Elizabeth M., age 8, Hillsdale, MI Elsie L., age 10, Woonsocket, SD Gray, age 9, Alexandria, VA Ingrid D., age 7, Madison, WI […]

CRICKET January 2023 – Challenge

Ahmed S, age 9, Seven Hills, OH Haadi N, age 10, Westlake, OH Ming Y, age 17, Chanhassen, MN Miranda M, age 11, Hillsdale, MI Rockam P, age 11, Cincinatti, OH Vizcaya L, age 8, Cleveland, OH (Published in the April 2023 issue) For the January contest, everybuggy would love to read your best story […]