ASK November/December 2024 — Magic Medley

Cadence W., age 9, NJ, "Enchanted Bracelet"Cole W., age 7, NJ, "Waterless Fish"Emily M., age 10, Vancouver, BC, "Thought Pencil"Emma N., age 9, COFiona R., age 9, CA, "Flying Water Bottle"Henry H., age 8, WI, "Flying Bed"Laila B., age 8, CO, "Self-Playing Viola"Lucy G., age 7, CA, "Fire Cardinal"Lynley M., age 7, CO, "Rainbow Blast […]

CRICKET January 2024 — Competition Story

(1st Prize, 10 & under) Ryan C., age 10, Shaker Heights, OH, "The Battle of the Block"(1st Prize, 11 & up) Liadan D. C., age 11, Sayville, NY, "The Living Room Fashion Show"(2nd Prize, 10 & under) Cara C., age 9, Shaker Heights, OH, "An Important Win"(2nd Prize, 11 & up) Danah J., age 11, […]

MUSE November/December 2023 — Personal Aircraft

Fiona Z., age 12, MarylandFinnch S., age 12, ColoradoChloe N., age 12, Hawaii (Published in April 2024) In November, we asked you to try your hand at designing a human-powered flying machine. Your ideas soared to new heights! Fly by a few of our favorites. These prototypes could soon enter the testing phase, the next […]

SPIDER January 2024 – Jumping Bug, Animal, or Creature

Amelia N., age 8, Lake Forest, CA, "Galloping Horse"Ani K., age 8, Molalla, OR, "Chickens on the Trampoline"Brayden H., age 11, Green Bay, WI, "Jumping Hobgoblin"Felicity T., age 6, Scott, AK, "Cricket Jumping Rope"Fern C., age 6, Fairview, PA, "Jumping Cat"Harry G., age 7, Seattle, WAHolly Penelope T., age 7, Houston, TX, "The Animal-Jumping Meadow"Mary […]

MUSE October 2023 — Volcano Travel Poster

Evelyn M., age 10, CaliforniaSiena L., FloridaTeagan D., age 12, Canada (Published in March 2023) In October we asked you to draw or paint us a travel poster of your favorite volcano destination—real or imagined, active or inactive. Add a slogan and some fast facts to entice adventurous visitors.

SPIDER November/December 2023 — Ice Skating or Sledding

Adeline B., age 11, Greenback, TNCatherine Y., age 7, Brookings, SDCoy Y., age 7, Brookings, SDEvelyn O., age 7, Cross Plains, WIJulian C., age 7, New York, NYLily S., age 10, Nolensville, TNLyra P., age 9, Dallas, TXMaya G., age 8, Austin, TXSkye C., age 9, Kansas City, MOTheo W., age 6, Brooklyn, NY (Published […]

ASK October 2023 — Skeletons

Astrid M., age 9, TXBlakely K., age 9Carson G., age 7Efraim W., age 11, MAGenevieve E., age 8, UTIbrahim R., age 10, TXJack M., age 8, MOLois H., age 8, NYLucy D., age 8, IDPenelope B., age 7, MIRuth F., age 10, WASasha W., age 8, CA (Published in March 2024) In our October issue […]

CRICKET November/December 2023 — Holiday Tradition

(Honorable Mention) Allie Grace T., age 12, Mount Pleasant, SC(Honorable Mention) Audrey L., age 13, Oakland, CA(Third prize 11 and up) Benjamin K., age 11, Lisle, IL(Honorable Mention) Dovie H., age 10, Nashville, TN(Second prize 11 and up) Isabel L., age 13, Princeton, NJ(First prize 11 and up) Jaslene K., age 13, Lisle, IL(First prize […]

MUSE September 2023 – Mind of a Kid

Lydia P., age 12, NEEmma S., age 10, PAJonah K., age 12, OR In September, we asked you to help us take a closer look into the mind of a kid. It can be a wild and wonderful world in there! Check out our favorite noggins and get to know a little something about the […]

SPIDER October 2023 – Magician or Wizard

Frances P., age 9, Alexandria, VAIsabelle E., age 10, Johnsonville, ILLeah S., age 10, Granger, INLilianna S., age 10, Nolensville, TNLillian L., age 7, Pittsburgh, PAMargaret S., age 7, Falls Church, VAMila G., age 8, Milwaukee, WIPriya Marie P. R., age 7, Austin, TXRuhi S., age 6, Danbury, CTSamuel H., age 8, Salisbury, MOSasha K., […]