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Language Learning

Give your child personalized 1:1 attention designed to evoke joy and build confidence in language learning.
Online lessons are scheduled at your convenience and you can choose from our highly-qualified teachers! Learn more…

$25 Trial Private Class

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Explore our group classes this summer by connecting your kid with peers for conversation, games, and activities led by fun and caring teachers.

Mandarin Summer Camp (ages 9+)

A fun, interactive way to learn and practice beginner Mandarin together!


Spanish Summer Camp (ages 8–12)

A fun, interactive way to learn and practice beginner Spanish together!



Cricket’s magazines have delighted and educated children from toddlers to teens for more than 40 years.  They make great year-round and holiday gifts that will have children and grandchildren looking forward to each new issue.

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Write a story about a wild ride, draw a summer camp map, envision your own movie, or draw up some plans for a truly great prank you could play if you had a twin!
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Math Tutoring

This summer, Cricket and Spark Education are joining forces to offer a free online trial math class for kids aged 5–12! This award-winning live instruction course is taught by certified and experienced teachers and the interactive features promise to make this a guaranteed fun learning experience for your child!
Don’t miss this exclusive, no-obligation opportunity for your child!


Cricket offers eMentoring programs focused on literacy and STEM topics. Whether you are a teacher looking for a fun experience to add to your classroom, a volunteer looking to help children online, a business looking for a way to give back to your community, or a parent wanting to connect your children to our educational programs, we encourage you reach out and let us know how we can help. 

More Free Resources, Articles, and Activities

Fruity Ice-Cream Blocks

from CRICKET Magazine
Cool down this summer with a tasty, frozen fruit treat.

July Surprise

from CRICKET Magazine
Enjoy this beautiful poem comparing the light of fireflies to fireworks.

Goldilocks Goes to Camp

from CRICKET Magazine
This humorous story finds Loxie, or Goldilocks, at a camp to overcome her fears after her run-in with three famous bears. Readers will enjoy identifying characters from other folk and fairy tales.

Olympic Moments

from COBBLESTONE Magazine
Find out about aspects of the Summer Olympics that have had an impact not just on sports history for the traditions they established, but also on history in general because of the events that took place.

Forever Sandcastles

from FACES Magazine
Learn how to make a permanent sandcastles.

Let's Visit the Some BIG Roadside Attractions!

from FACES Magazine
Discover roadside attractions around the world.

A Day at Liberty Bay

from LADYBUG Magazine
This story is a joyful, realistic celebration of respectful outdoor exploration and play. Ben is lonely after moving, but he makes a new friend who introduces him to marine animals at the beach.

Snow Cone Sky

from LADYBUG Magazine
Enjoy this colorful poem about night and day in the summer.

Treasure Hunt in a Bottle

from SPIDER Magazine
You don't need to go anywhere to go on a treasure hunt this summer. Make this fun game to play by yourself or with a friend.

Cowboy Caviar

from SPIDER Magazine
This chip dip may be named after caviar (a fancy dish made of fish eggs). But there’s nothing fancy or fishy about it

Two Coins for the Carousel

from SPIDER Magazine
Gracie is excited to use her two coins to ride the merry-go-round. She hopes to win ice cream by grabbing the gold ring. Alice has no money to ride. Gracie shares her second coin and they ride together. Alice grabs the ring. She shares her ice cream with Gracie.