"Building on what we have learned from more than 20 years of experience offering students and teachers the opportunity to combine great content with access to caring adult role models, this new platform creates an environment in which students are more motivated to learn as they discover life beyond their neighborhoods, exploring potential careers and interests."

Nina Zolt, founder of Cricket Media

“Our overarching goal was simple: to offer a meaningful opportunity for philanthropic engagement to our associates. We needed that opportunity to both fit into our busy schedules and especially to support our mission: to empower lifelong learning. We got 100 percent plus ROI. CricketTogether fulfills our mission and was very meaningful – this was a homerun!”

Kevin Manzel, director on content development, The Great Courses

About CricketTogether™

CricketTogether™ was developed in response to an increasing demand for youth mentorship as schools work to instill 21st century skills. It supports companies actively seeking robust employee volunteer programs as part of their commitment to corporate social responsibility.

The program is a safe, innovative, turnkey eMentoring solution that gives corporate social responsibility leaders a platform for employee engagement that offers caring employee volunteers a meaningful opportunity to deliver a compelling educational experience for children and teachers across the country.

Students are paired with employees of partner companies to read intriguing articles and exchange thoughts about the content, and life, building one-on-one virtual learning friendships. eMentors, especially those who come from the business community, provide the catalyst to build student literacy, critical thinking, and real-world problem-solving skills, as well as increase student understanding of careers and the world beyond their classroom.

Employees remark that their student pen pals help them be better parents, friends, and aunts and uncles. They are more aware of what kids think and how they express themselves. Employees see their own communications skills enhanced as they think more deeply about what they’re reading and how to best to communicate their ideas. 

CricketTogether is designed specifically to support today’s busy employee, creating a “micro-volunteering” opportunity with only a commitment of a few hours a month that makes it possible for volunteers to participate remotely working with their schedules.

CricketTogether has a growing community of eMentors and students from across geographic and demographic boundaries, reading, writing about and discussing Cricket Media’s award-winning content, in many genres and subjects, with each other.

As a socially responsible, mission-driven enterprise, Cricket Media is inviting corporations to engage their employee volunteers as eMentors and sponsor CricketTogether classrooms in grades 3 to 5.

About Cricket Media, Inc

Cricket Media® is a global education company known for creating high quality print and multi-media products for children, families, mentors, teachers, and partners that improve learning opportunities for everyone. Led by its 10 award-winning publications for children and customizable research-tested collaborative learning platforms, the company is committed to making, building, and supporting innovative learning experiences with high-quality age-appropriate content that help children safely experience the world. For more information, visit cricketmedia.com.