6 Tips for Starting Your Own Father-Daughter Book Club

My daughter and I are reading the same book. It happened totally by accident.  She left a book lying on the kitchen counter. I spilled grape juice on it. While I was cleaning it up, I happened to read a few sentences of the book and suddenly I was hooked. I must have stood at […]

Welcome to our new Cricket Media blog!

Something new is coming to Cricket Country. There’s so much that we’d like to share with families that we can’t fit into the pages of our magazines or into the character limits of a Tweet. Get ready for plenty of behind-the-scenes stories, awesome facts, ideas for family fun activities, anecdotes, and insights in to some […]

Win With Cricket Media!

Big news: Cricket Media is sponsoring a sweepstakes contest! Enter now for the chance to win an iPhone 7! You’ll also be entered to win the grand prize of an iPad and a free subscription to magazine of your choice just for sharing about the contest!   Now, wait just a minute, you might be thinking. […]