Get Lit This Hanukkah

The candles! I mean the candles!   It’s been reported that 72 percent of Jewish people in the United States celebrate Hanukkah. This is a bigger percentage than those who partake of any other Jewish rite, including attending a Passover seder or fasting on Yom Kippur. Yet it is one of the most commonly misunderstood […]

Get Your Kids Cooking… It’s the Yeast You Can Do

The holidays are here and suddenly I have no pans left in my kitchen. One daughter is participating in a cookie exchange. The other has a potluck. And guess who is NOT supplementing the goods this year. That’s right – they are on their own.   In case you can’t hear them whining where you […]

Join MUSE Mag’s Mnemosyne Derby Squad

MUSE Magazine can always be counted on to take a fresh look at whatever subject they take on each month. If you saw the September 2016 issue, you know that topic was “Thinking Different” and we were excited to feature an interview with two young people with autism both in the magazine and right here […]

Bring the Outdoors In With Nature Magazines for Kids

It’s not always easy to get outside with your kids. Hot weather, cold weather, bugs, homework, activities, screen time, travel time, work time…there are a myriad of obstacles to really getting out there and introducing children to the wonders and beauty of the natural world. Personally, I’ve found that sometimes just the thought of how […]

Gather Round Kids, It’s Time for our Weekly Podcast

Remember the good old days, when the family used to gather around the stereo for the latest episode of their favorite radio show?   The good old days like … last Tuesday.   Podcasts. They’re the new radio drama.   You’ve probably heard of at least a few podcasts out there: Welcome to Nightvale, TedTalks, […]

Happy Blogaversary to Cricket Media!

Our blog is 1-year-old today. Happy birthday blog! When we started this blog last July we weren’t exactly sure where it would lead. We knew we wanted to share news, insights, and stories (lots of stories!) from our stable of award-winning children’s magazines with you, but the format, content, and value of the blog was […]

Toddler Tech

When I was pregnant and took a tour of my daughter’s future daycare, I wasn’t surprised to see a computer lab called “Tech Town.” I assumed Tech Town was for the older kids, since the school went up to kindergarten, so I was surprised to find out that weekly trips to the computer lab began […]

Is Reading Fantasy a Bad Hobbit?

When my daughter was in third grade, my husband and I showed up for a parent-teacher conference where we were told that our child was spending too much time reading fantasy books. It wasn’t the reading the teacher had issues with; it was the selection of books. Instead of my daughter’s chosen genre, the teacher […]

Graduation: A Time for Moving On Up

Do you have a graduation happening in your family this season? If so, congratulations! Graduations are important life cycle events and whether your child is graduating from pre-school or high school, this is a time to celebrate all the milestones your child has achieved over the past few years.   I cried my eyes out […]

Teachers Have Class

As the end of the school year gets closer and closer, I wanted to take a minute to recognize all the wonderful teachers out there. You don’t get paid nearly as much as you are worth and the knowledge, memories, and skills you impart on our children will never be appreciated to the extent they […]