Cricket Magazines are Better than Books Because…

Parental confession time: I’ve hidden books from my children.   (Start shame spiral)   Yes. It’s true.   Don’t get me wrong – I love, *LOVE* reading to my kids. I love snuggling with them in bed. I love watching them become engaged in the story and when they turn the page to find out […]

Touring that Place Like it was 1999

The title of this blog comes from a line in a story my 9-year-old daughter wrote recently. It’s funny, right? My daughter is not so good with capital letters or commas or periods (not yet, at least), but she does have a way with language that gives me great hope that she will be a […]

4 Tips for Getting Teens Excited About Reading

I’m pretty lucky as a mom. My daughter loves to read. My husband pointed out today that her book-bag weighs 50 pounds. There are exactly two spiral notebooks in it. The other 49.5 pounds come from books she’s reading for pleasure.   I was a big reader as a kid, so it makes me happy […]

Happy 25th, Ladybug!

Ladybug celebrates its twenty-fifth anniversary this month. For twenty-five years, the magazine has tried to reflect the world of young children—and make it a little broader—through stories, poetry, art, and activities. Each issue encourages kids to take a closer look at the people and places around them. Ladybug invites children to bring their whole selves—their […]

Favorite First Lines to Keep Your Kids Reading

A story is only as good as its first sentence. That’s probably why some authors spend as much time crafting the perfect first sentence as they spend writing the rest of the book. If you can’t reel your audience in with the opening line, what’s going to motivate them to stick around for any line […]