July/August Magazines Are Here

July/August Issues Are Here!

Summer is officially here, and we’re excited to share our newest batch of magazines. They’re the perfect beach read, filled with stories of adventure and fascinating facts that will take readers on a voyage around the world. From robot soccer to baby koalas to a stroll through an enchanted forest, these stories and articles are simply unforgettable. Enjoy this video tour through our brand-new July/August issues:

Here’s a sneak peek behind the covers of each of our award-winning children’s magazines for readers of all ages!

July/August Issues Are Here

“Hello, World!”

From BABYBUG Magazine (Ages 0-3)

Cover art by Richard Johnson

Summer is the perfect time for kids to use their imaginations and spend time with their families. This issue of BABYBUG is crammed with fun activities for children and parents to share, whether real or make-believe. Join Kim and Carrots as they build a blanket tent for their friends, or create a zoo parade with your favorite stuffed animals.

Catch floating bubbles, meet an elephant up close, and learn about how the wind blows! Kids will enjoy learning the basics of yoga in the “Let’s Explore” section.

The ‘Guide for Caregivers’ at the back of each issue provides tips and tricks for turning story time into a true educational opportunity. This issue recommends activities to learn about wind and bubbles and provides instructions for a cozy toddler hideaway. We may be halfway through the summer, but summer fun with BABYBUG has only just begun!

“Meet the Marsupials”
From CLICK Magazine (ages 3-6)

Most kids don’t know what a marsupial is, but that doesn’t mean they’ve never seen one before. What do kangaroos, koalas, and opossums all have in common? They carry their babies in pouches! Meet the marsupials up close and personal in the latest issue of CLICK.

Find out what happens inside a marsupial’s pouch, learn to tell the difference between a sugar glider and a flying squirrel, watch a koala joey grow up, and see why kangaroos are so good at hopping… and boxing! Journey into a wombat’s burrow, then read a story about a family that finds a mysterious marsupial in its own backyard. Can you guess what kind it is?

Plus, visit the zoo with Click & Jane, build a jumping joey flip book, and visit Tasmania with Beatrice Black Bear! Readers and kangaroos will be sure to jump for joy over the July/August issue of CLICK!

“Play Ball!”

From LADYBUG Magazine (ages 3-6)

Cover art by Christopher Cyr.

What’s your biggest wish for this summer, real or imaginary? Ask every member of your family and you might get a list that looks a lot like the topics found in the July/August issue of LADYBUG! From baseball to berries, family outings and fairies, this is a summer vacation in the form of a magazine!

Play hide-and-seek in a fairy garden, then join Lena and her family for a walk through an enchanted forest! Go to the beach with a family of friendly bears, or try picking cherries in the back yard! What lives in a willow tree? Peek inside and find out!

Get ready to enjoy America’s pasttime! Learn the classic song “Take Me Out To The Ballgame,” as well as some of the movements that baseball players perform out on the diamond, then hit a home run! You can even make your own ball game story in the takeout pages of this issue.

In Britta Granström’s beloved ongoing Max & Kate story, the kids set off on a treasure hunt with a delicious treasure awaiting them! Help Ladybug, Muddle, & Thud follow the path home. Finally, pick some berries with Molly & Emmett to help them bake a tasty summer pie! It’s a summer that your children will never forget!

“Soccer Kicks”
From Ask Magazine (ages 6-9)

The women’s World Cup tournament is in full swing right now! What better time to focus on the sport, the art, and the science of soccer in everyone’s favorite STEAM magazine?

Journey through the history of soccer, starting with its origins in Olmec, Mayan, and Aztec hip ball. Did you know that a medieval English king tried to ban soccer? It didn’t seem to work very well for him. That’s not all– this month’s issue also includes the history of sports balls! You might not like what they were originally made of!

Learn how to identify players’ positions on the field, pick up some soccer tricks, and find out why the National Women’s soccer team is wearing plastic bottles to the World Cup!

Discover extreme forms of soccer, involving glaciers, oceans, and even elephants! Still not extreme for you? Meet the bots competing for the Robot World Cup!

Don’t miss ASK’s monthly departments, either! Learn about gardening on the moon and a teeny tyrannosaurus in Nosy News, join Nestor and his friends for a highly strategic soccer game, find out what happens when an alligator gets sick, and check out the cool inventions that kids sent in to ASK! The Mighty Math section explains how the shapes on a soccer ball fit together, while Marvin and Friends argue over a soccer rule book that was definitely intended for human players. Readers are sure to have a ball with this month’s issue of ASK!

“Sun, Sand, and Silliness”
From SPIDER Magazine (ages 6-9)

Cover art by Susan Eaddy.

There’s nothing like the combination of sun, sand, surf, and SPIDER Magazine! This July/August issue of SPIDER is perfect for beachy fun.

Find out how fireflies read at night or how hermit crabs choose their new shells! Puzzle over deciphering words with a double ‘m’ in the middle, go digging for sand dollars, and take the plunge at deep sea diving!

Want to cool down from hot summer fun? Create your own shockingly pink dragon fruit ice pops. Then, join Timothy and his friends as they set up competing lemonade stands!

Plus, siblings Doodlebug & Dandelion discover a Glimmer fruit, while SPIDER readers share their own delicious poems about food! In Ophelia’s Last Word, readers can create a treasure hunt in a bottle for portable summer fun! Use the takeout pages to challenge your friends to a race for the title of fastest critter on the seashore by creating paper beach racers. And don’t skip the adventures of Spider and the Gang! This summery issue of SPIDER is ‘shore’ to please.

“The Story Behind Wildfires”
From MUSE Magazine (Ages 9-14)

They keep making the headlines this time of year , but how much do you and your kids actually know about wildfires? This issue of MUSE is filled with fascinating facts and shocking stories about this natural and man-made phenomenon.

Wildfires have always occurred, but the risk keeps on growing. Find out what’s making so many places go up in smoke and see what today’s wildfires tell us about our future. Meet a real aerial firefighter, a trailblazing female firefighter, or, believe it or not, the animals who play a role in stopping wildfires.

Read the legend of the origin of fire from the Nez Perce people, then discover the high tech drones dedicated to fighting fires. Can wildfires actually be a good thing? Learn which ecosystems thrive with regular fires.

Name a place that’s safe from wildfires. If you guessed the oceans, you’d actually be incorrect. Discover the damage that fire can do to bodies of water across the planet.

Also, in this issue’s regular features, the ‘Parallel U’ gang finds a way to crystallize fire, fans writing into Muse Mail threaten to sic lime green fire-breathing jackalopes on the editors, and Muse News features a hot pink fire engine. Is that this month’s fake story? You decide! See what made the ice age so cold or find out failed methods to get fire down to earth. This issue of MUSE is smoking hot off the press!

“Our Really, Really Big Issue”

From FACES Magazine (ages 9-14)

Get ready for a really, really big issue. The July/August FACES travels around the world to some of the biggest, most extraordinary sights on the planet! From the world’s largest ball of twine to an extremely grand canyon, it’s a road trip you won’t want to miss!

Get the stats on the largest animals, city, country, ocean, and river, then meet the largest organism on earth. No, it’s not a whale. It’s not even an animal. It’s a humongous fungus! Join the party at the world’s largest gathering in India, or skip across Eurasia to attend a parade of giants in France!

Visit the jaw-dropping natural wonders, Paradise Cave, the Sahara Desert, and the Grand Canyon. Afterward, take time to drive by the world’s biggest roadside attractions, including a big pineapple, a giant shark sculpture sticking out of a house, and even a giant clothespin. This month’s FACES isn’t all fun and games, however. Pay respects to what was once a giant colony of coral, now dying off at alarming rates. Finish off your trip with the classic tall tale of Paul Bunyan!

In the recurring “Dear Kylie” section, Kylie meets a teacher from Australia. Try your hand at a really big crossword or at creating your own roadside attraction. This issue is sure to make a really big splash!

“To the Moon!”

The July/August issues of CRICKET and COBBLESTONE sure have a lot in common– including the titles! That’s because this July 20th marks the 50th anniversary of the moon landing! Learn all of the facts behind this historic event with COBBLESTONE, but don’t miss the story of Katherine Johnson, the “human computer” who helped calculate the path to the moon, told in CRICKET Magazine. You may remember her from the movie Hidden Figures! Stay tuned for another blog post very soon about these special issues, just in time for the 50th anniversary!