Answering Kids’ Biggest Questions About Dinosaurs

The latest issue of CLICK Magazine is all about Fantastic Fossils! Few subjects spark kids’ sense of wonder and enthusiasm like dinosaurs. We’ve all met budding paleontologists who can rattle off the Latin names of dinosaurs while they’re still in preschool! It’s not unusual for kids to have big questions about these big prehistoric lizards– […]

Introducing New Arts Interviews in MUSE!

By Joseph Taylor, Muse Magazine editor The May/June issue of Muse, “All the World’s a Stage,” marks the introduction of a new format in our magazine. “Art@Work” will feature profiles and first-person interviews with those involved in the arts. Our readers have been accustomed to “Science@Work” interviews with individuals in the fields of science, technology, […]

12 Facts You Didn’t Know About Ida B. Wells

Ida B. Wells-Barnett never gave up. A remarkable journalist, speaker, activist, and lifelong fighter for truth and justice, there’s a good chance you’ve heard her name before but don’t know the full details of her accomplishments. And some details of her extraordinary life may even surprise the most knowledgeable history students. The February issue of […]

5 Free Stories and Poems For the Winter Holidays

If you ask us, one of the best ways to kick off winter break is to snuggle up with a good story! We’re sharing some of our favorite seasonal stories and poems from our award-winning children’s magazines! Winter Cuddles, BABYBUG Magazine There’s nothing better than being cozy at home on a chilly day. This adorable poem captures some of […]

14 Amazing Fall and Winter Holidays

The holiday season is here– but what holidays? Depending on who you ask or where you are, you might get very different answers! The November/December issue of SPIDER Magazine explores some of these fascinating holidays through stories, poetry, and a game called “Holiday Hooray!” You might notice a few recurring themes: harvest celebrations, water, festivals […]

5 Free Kids’ Stories for Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner, so we’re sharing our own special tricks and treats from our award-winning children’s magazines! From a spooky Cornish folktale to a modern-day Halloween party to a true story from history, there’s something for everyone. Looking for Fall (BABYBUG Magazine) How do you know when fall is here? From crisp […]

4 Endangered Languages (And What People are Doing to Save Them)

Our planet is full of a dizzying array of languages. Experts estimate that over 7,000 languages are spoken on Earth. But they’re also doing their best to transcribe and record those languages in action– because about half of them might disappear by next century. What are some of these rare languages? Who speaks them? And […]