What Do Origami and Elephants Have in Common?

The Story Behind the Origami   Originally, the folks at the Bronx Zoo set out to collect 35,000 elephants representing the heartbreaking number of 35,000 elephants (96 per day) killed each year for their ivory tusks. The overall goal of the initiative is to help gain a wider awareness of the elephant ivory trafficking crisis […]

Looking at Dinosaurs Through a Child’s Eyes

Every time I think about dinosaurs I feel the need to reread one of my daughter’s favorite books: Oh My Oh My Oh DINOSAURS! by children’s writer and artist extraordinaire Sandra Boynton. With simple pictures and just a few words of text, Boynton has captured exactly what makes dinosaurs so interesting to kids: they’re big, […]

Do Something Nice for a Turtle Today

Today is World Turtle Day, a day to celebrate turtles large and small. I’m not going to bombard you with facts about why turtles are so cool and why you should get to know more about them. You can check out the American Tortoise Rescue for that. Instead, I’m just going to share a few […]

Highway to Endangered Zone

Like many little girls, my oldest daughter has always been a huge animal lover. In her case, it goes beyond ponies and puppies – though she really loves ponies and puppies. However, she is equally obsessed with wild and unique animals, the weirder and more unknown, the better.   When she was about five, a […]

Inky: Octopus and Escape Artist Extraordinaire

If you haven’t read the recent story of Inky, the octopus who escaped from a New Zealand Aquarium, you are missing out on an amazing true story of escape and intrigue that leaves you with many questions and the desire to find out more.   Inky, a common New Zealand octopus, managed to somehow slip through […]

Mr. President and the First Lady

Some of us here at Cricket Media have been a little distracted for the past few days. That’s because we have discovered the Eagle Cam, a bird’s eye view (sorry, couldn’t resist) of the nest of a pair of mated American Bald Eagles nestled high in a Tulip Poplar on the grounds of the American […]

There’s No Love Like Puppy Love

Today is National Puppy Day! There are plenty of ways to celebrate: adopt a puppy from your local shelter, donate food and toys to puppies still waiting for their forever families, and help a neighbor by walking their puppy for them, are just a few.   Enjoy these Puppy Themed Stories   Here’s another idea: […]

Cricket Family Pets All Dressed Up for “National Dress Up Your Pet Day”!

Hooray, it’s National Dress Up Your Pet Day! Little kids (and, ahem, some big kids too) have always loved dressing up their pets and the Cricket family of magazines has recognized and illustrated this common childhood experience numerous times over the years. Here are two beautiful and very different Ladybug covers celebrating the joy of […]