CricketTogether Webinar

In just 30 minutes you’ll meet the CricketTogether team, learn more about our mission, focus, and impact. And see firsthand how CricketTogether works to engage volunteers and make a difference in children’s lives.

eBook: Introducing eMentoring

Learn how eMentoring overcomes time, cost, and distance barriers to enable mentoring that companies, employees, and children love.
This eBook discusses:

  • The benefits and limitations of face-to-face mentoring
  • How the confluence of mentoring and technology (eMentoring) overcomes many of these challenges to achieve a far greater reach.

12 Crucial Tips for eMentors

During this time of social distancing, making a virtual connection is more important than ever. CricketTogether eMentors help students reach their full potential and provide a listening ear and encouragement to those who most need it. Here are some tips to create the most productive, successful eMentoring relationships! Feel free to follow CricketTogether on Facebook for more Mentoring […]

Megan’s eMentoring Experience

Megan, a college mentor from Wellspring’s Youth Empowerment Program, shares her experiences with the MENTOR/CricketTogether VMP eMentoring program implemented when physical mentoring was not possible due to the pandemic.