8 Cool Facts for Chinese Language Day

Did you know that UN Chinese Language Day falls on April 20? This holiday commemorates an incredibly popular, ancient, and interesting family of languages. Here are some of our favorite facts about what makes the Chinese language so unique. You might even get inspired to learn Chinese! Mandarin Chinese is one of the world’s oldest […]

Everything You Need to Know About Eclipses

The Great American Eclipse is sweeping the nation on Monday, April 8! For many Americans, it’s a true once-in-a-lifetime experience. But how can you prepare for this astronomical phenomenon, and how on earth can you explain it to your kids? We’re here to answer all of your eclipse-related questions! The March issues of four of […]

Answering Kids’ Biggest Questions About Dinosaurs

The latest issue of CLICK Magazine is all about Fantastic Fossils! Few subjects spark kids’ sense of wonder and enthusiasm like dinosaurs. We’ve all met budding paleontologists who can rattle off the Latin names of dinosaurs while they’re still in preschool! It’s not unusual for kids to have big questions about these big prehistoric lizards– […]

Introducing New Arts Interviews in MUSE!

By Joseph Taylor, Muse Magazine editor The May/June issue of Muse, “All the World’s a Stage,” marks the introduction of a new format in our magazine. “Art@Work” will feature profiles and first-person interviews with those involved in the arts. Our readers have been accustomed to “Science@Work” interviews with individuals in the fields of science, technology, […]

8 Amazing Islands That Are an Animal Lover’s Dream

If you’ve dreamed of discovering an island full of your favorite animals, then you’ve come to the right place! Explore a paradise of swimming pigs, an island overrun by cats, and even… a viper island? All of these amazing islands are featured in the pages of MUSE, FACES, and COBBLESTONE Magazines, and every one of […]

16 Kids’ Books Recommended by CRICKET Readers

Are the kids in your life looking for some fresh, new reading material? Here are some book recommendations from CRICKET Magazine readers themselves, ranging in age from 9 to 14! There’s something for everyone on this list. You’ll find old classics, award-winning contemporary books, fun book series, graphic novels, and every genre under the sun. […]

Online Instructor – Various Subjects

We are Cricket Media®, a global education company creating high-quality print and online learning products for children, adults, families, mentors, teachers, and partners that improve learning opportunities for everyone.  Led by our 9 award-winning children’s magazines and our customizable research-tested collaborative learning programs, including NeuLingo, NeuABC, and Fluent City language learning, and CricketTogether and TryEngineering […]

Holiday Gift Guide for Kids Learning Chinese

The holiday season is here, and now’s the perfect time to grab those last-minute gifts. It’s easy to find presents for kids who are on a sports team, play an instrument, love arts and crafts, or have a passion for STEM, but not all afterschool activities lend themselves to gift-giving so easily. Here’s a few […]

7 Fun Fall Recipes and Crafts for the Family

Fall might just be the most creative time of year. From carving pumpkins and crafting costumes to whipping up delicious seasonal dishes, there’s something about the changing of the seasons that makes DIY extra fun. Here are a few fun and kid-friendly recipes and crafts that you and your kids can do together in this […]

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