There’s No Love Like Puppy Love

March 23, 2016

Today is National Puppy Day! There are plenty of ways to celebrate: adopt a puppy from your local shelter, donate food and toys to puppies still waiting for their forever families, and help a neighbor by walking their puppy for them, are just a few.


Enjoy these Puppy Themed Stories


Here’s another idea: enjoy one of the many fiction stories and non-fiction articles about puppies of all kinds found in Cricket Media magazines. Here are two good stories to download below. “Sheep Dogs on the Job” comes from Click Magazine and “Greyfriars Bobby” appeared in Spider. For even more puppy-related content, order our Dog Theme Pack, which contains 3 awesome back issues all about your favorite furry friend.


Whichever way you choose to celebrate, don’t forget to give every pup you meet a special belly rub today. After all, it’s their day!


Click Magazine: Sheep Dogs on the Job

 Spider Magazine: Greyfriars Bobby

Greyfriars    Greyfriars Bobby1


Greyfriars Bobby2Greyfriars Bobby3

Greyfriars Bobby4

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