Happy Cricket Memories

Last summer I moved from my home in Astoria, Queens in New York City to Portland, OR. In preparation for that, my research revealed that that shipping our belongings would be the most affordable way to get them from one coast to the other (moving across country can be quite spendy). That meant we had […]

Tooting Our Own Horn: Cricket Receives Awards

My mother always told me that most of the time it is better to let other people “toot your horn” for you. But since a few people have tooted our horn in the form of awards, I thought it might be OK for me to shout the good news from the rooftops.   This month […]

Talkin’ Turkey: Pardoning the Festive Bird

What is the deal with turkey pardons?   My daughters are heavily involved in 4H and I often feel like we practically live in the nearby park-farm where many of the 4H events take place. This farm is also one of the designated locations for the annual pardoned turkeys to live out the rest of […]

Introducing Your Sensitive Child to Ghost Stories

Halloween season is in full swing and ghosts, witches, zombies, monsters, and other scary creatures are everywhere. It seems like no matter where you go you are bound to see spooky decorations adorning store windows and private houses, grotesque costumes on display, and scary stories in the “featured” section of libraries and bookstores. Kids are […]

Discover Summer: Encourage Thinking, Creativity and Imagination

It’s the final week of our Discover Summer Reading program, but don’t fret!  We will continue to share stories from our archives all year long to keep your kids’ reading. Our 11 children’s magazines encourage thinking, creativity and imagination. They are filled with beautiful illustrations, engaging stories, interesting facts and fun activities.   For example, here’s […]

Discover Summer: Benefits of Getting Outside to Play

Did you know that there are a ton of science backed health benefits of kids playing outside?  Here are a few you may not be aware of…   Kids See Better: According to the Journal of Optometry and Vision Science, kids who spend more time outside during the day tend to have better distance vision […]

Meet the Magazine: How Cricket Got Started

By Marianne Carus, founder of Cricket Magazine   Who better to start off our new “Meet the Magazine” series than the founder of Cricket Magazine, Marianne Carus. Here is an excerpt of Marianne’s essay about the founding of Cricket that originally appeared in “Celebrate Cricket: 30 Years of Stories and Art”.   I’d like to […]