Happy Cricket Memories

Last summer I moved from my home in Astoria, Queens in New York City to Portland, OR. In preparation for that, my research revealed that that shipping our belongings would be the most affordable way to get them from one coast to the other (moving across country can be quite spendy). That meant we had […]

Nothing Says Holidays Like a Vintage Holiday Cover

If, like me, you were lucky enough to grow up as a CRICKET Magazine reader, you probably measured the time of year and the various holiday seasons by the covers that adorned your monthly delivery of CRICKET. In particular, the December covers always managed to bring a feeling of joy and celebration to my mailbox. […]

Why Cobblestone Magazine Rocks!

Let’s face it: Unless your child is naturally attracted to the subject, it’s not very easy to get kids interested in history. Hamilton certainly will get them in the spirit, but I hear tickets are not very easy to come by. What kids really need to engage them in the world-before-their-time is something relatable. This […]

The Real Reason There Are No Ads in Cricket Media Magazines

I work in the marketing department at Cricket Media, so naturally it is my job to get the word out about how great our magazines and products are. CRICKET magazine has been entertaining children since 1973 and like many of the people who work here, I distinctly remember racing to the mailbox every month when […]

Meet Spider: Cricket Magazine’s Younger Sibling

The year was 1994. A first-class stamp cost 29¢, the White House was just about to launch its first web page, and the Chunnel (the tunnel between France and the United Kingdom) was about to open. Oh, and one other important thing happened: Spider magazine, Cricket’s new offering for beginning readers ages 6 to 9, […]

5 Award-Winning Illustrators First Seen in Cricket Magazine

Back in January, I wrote a blog called “5 Award-Winning Authors You Read First in Cricket Magazine.” That blog only touched the tip of the talented iceberg when it comes to the authors who have graced the pages of Cricket, Spider, Ladybug, and Babybug, and it didn’t mention at all the wonderfully talented illustrators discovered […]

Meet the Magazine: How Cricket Got Started

By Marianne Carus, founder of Cricket Magazine   Who better to start off our new “Meet the Magazine” series than the founder of Cricket Magazine, Marianne Carus. Here is an excerpt of Marianne’s essay about the founding of Cricket that originally appeared in “Celebrate Cricket: 30 Years of Stories and Art”.   I’d like to […]