Diwali: Not a Holiday to Take Light-ly

Halloween lights are becoming more popular these days. But before the strings of purple or orange fairy lights lit up bushes around my neighborhood, we often had green, yellow, red, and white holiday lights in October. For a while, I assumed it was people getting into the Christmas spirit REALLY early. But then I heard […]

A Food Strike Requires a Fast Resolution

My daughters have never been daring eaters. They take after their dad that way. When I met him the most exotic food he’d ever eaten was beef fried rice. Personally, I’ve always been a pretty adventurous eater. I was eating oysters, octopus’s tentacles (which I insisted on calling testicles), and seaweed by the time I […]

Being a Good Sport May Take Some Medaling

Did you know race walking is an Olympic sport? Seriously, it is. After learning that I had to ask:  Do you train for that in a mall on Black Friday? Another interesting out-of-the limelight event is Steeplechase, which basically consists of a track with a giant puddle in the middle of it. Did you realize […]