Real Heroes for Black History Month and All Year Long

While the calendar might compel the American public to focus on Black history specifically during the month of February, Cricket Media magazines feature stories, articles, and news highlighting the achievements of Black Americans living and dead throughout the entire year.   In COBBLESTONE, our American history magazine for kids ages 9 to 14, you might […]

Dream Child: Follow your Dreams

Dream. Dream big, Child. Follow your dreams. They will take you places you once only dreamed about.   It all starts with a first step. A few new steps each day and you are on your way toward your dream.   Don’t be afraid to pursue your dreams. Remember, nothing can keep you from your […]

Why Cobblestone Magazine Rocks!

Let’s face it: Unless your child is naturally attracted to the subject, it’s not very easy to get kids interested in history. Hamilton certainly will get them in the spirit, but I hear tickets are not very easy to come by. What kids really need to engage them in the world-before-their-time is something relatable. This […]

Getting Goosebumps About History Thanks to Hamilton

When I was about 10 years old, my family went on a trip to Lake George, where we visited Fort Ticonderoga. I remember that trip for two reasons. First, I lost the buckle off one of my patent leather shoes. Second, the fort was in the middle of nowhere! Two hundred and fifty years had […]