4 Resources for Teaching Essential Reading Skills

Direct instruction from a reading teacher is one way kids learn to read. Informal learning from parents and caregivers is another way. In fact, research has shown that this informal instruction is pivotal to ensuring kids have the basic skills they need to actually learn to read once they are in school with a teacher […]

Discover your Boogers!

“Aaaaachhhoooo. “   “Bless you!”   Is this refrain as common in your house as it is in mine? Between cold and flu season and now the start of the allergy season, it seems like someone is always sneezing! Inevitably, my daughter’s thoughts will turn to the stuff she just sneezed out and the questions […]

A Plug for Unplugging

Recently I wrote a blog about the surprise benefit of unplugging from my phone for a few hours. Since then, I have learned some additional benefits such as better rest, less anxiety, and oddly, less snacking. Apparently, I tended to eat when obsessively hitting refresh on Twitter to make sure I haven’t missed any celebrity […]

5 Tips To Help You Change Your Mind

How many of you made New Year’s resolutions to work out?   (Note: you can’t see me, but my hand is up, making it increasingly difficult to type)   I made that resolution. But I’m not working out my body. Not saying I don’t need to… I’ve just accepted the fact that I’ve got a […]

Phoney Claims

Brace yourselves, I have a horror story to share.   I walked out of my house a few weeks ago without my phone. More accurately, I RUSHED out of my house without my phone. Let’s not pretend I’m ever on time to anything. Already 15 minutes late, by the time I realized I didn’t have […]

Screen Beings

Just like children believe in the tooth fairy and Santa Claus, I have a vision that somewhere, out there, a magical, mythical mother exists. One who charts out exactly the right amount of screen-time, per child, per age, per device, sets AND enforces these limits, and yet somehow still miraculously maintains perfect family harmony. This […]

How to Stay in the Present

Last year around this time, I posted a blog about holiday shopping, or more accurately, holiday overspending. In it, I repeated some good advice that I got and still abide by:   When it comes to gifts, try the rule of four for your kids: one gift they want, one gift they need, one gift […]

That Kid Who Sits Across from Your Kid

The seating chart was changed in my daughter’s elementary school classroom last week and ever since I have heard daily stories about the boy who now sits across from her: about how he is mean to her, how he threw (multiple) pencils at her, how he called her names, how every time she opens her […]

Girl, You Need to Beehive Yourself

This is my daughter’s third year of First Lego League. If you tuned in last year, you’ll know her team made the state finals. This year, they came close – they are the alternate team for states. For those of you unfamiliar with First Lego League, it’s not just building with block toys—there are three […]

Show Bedtime Who’s Boss

By Cricket Media Dad   You know that meme “What I think X will be like” vs. “What X is actually like”? If it were applied to bedtime in my house, it would look like this:   What I think bedtime will be like:     What bedtime is actually like:     You’ve been […]